Same old circus

Well, even to my surprise, i am quite excited about having elections! Although, it was on gunpoint, but the parliament did complete the 5 year term for the first time ever in Pakistan’s history. Thats quite a milestone. I do plan to cast a vote too. It will be my first and that in itself sounds quite exciting too. Ok, I know there doesnt seem to be of a possibility of ‘free and fair’ elections but did the US have fair elections? NO! Would that stop the americans for voting? NO! Then, why should I not cast my vote? No matter how oppressive any lack of proper choice may be, but everyone should give an opinion of who they think is most well served to run this country. We owe it that much. We do not have a right to point our fingers at the people sitting in the parliament if we cannot take the pains of waking up warly on a holiday and casting our vote.

We havent seen so much of political activity in the last few years as we have in the past few months alone. And the next two months are likely to be a rollercoaster ride. So many centres of power: the so-called democratic corrupt politicians, insane media, crazy judiciary and the power hungry milliatry. So many different people, institutions and groups jostling for power. Lets see who wins…

So let the games begin!


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