History in the making…Gen Musharaf retires

“I am bidding farewell to the army after having been in uniform for 46 years,” Gen Musharraf said in his farewell address at a cermony held today at the army headquarters. Looking very handsome, dressed fully in full military uniform, he arrived at the ceremony with a baton under his left arm. He had a stern look on his face but his speech made it clear to everyone watching/hearing him that this was probably the most emotional moment of his life. He admitted that it wasnt easy to describe his emotions in words and went on to say that army was his “life” and “such is the system of life. People come, and they have to go. Good things also come to an end. Everything is mortal.”

Gen Musharraf passed a ceremonial baton to Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani and with it ended the eight years of military rule in Pakistan.  

For better or worse, we will now refer to him as President Gen(retd.) Pervez Musharraf.


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