A goodwill gesture?

“The former Indian prisoner’s case is the first and perhaps a historic one, where a person accused of spying and sentenced to death in Pakistan is actually coming back to India.” [See:Kashmir back from Pakistan after 35 years] I have a feeling that is also going to bethe last after the arrival of the corpse of a young Pakistani man via Wahaga border yesterday.

When Mr Kasmir Singh was pardoned by the President of Pakistan, Gen (Retd.) Pervez Musharaf, people took it as just another CBM (Confidence Building Measure), a goodwill gesture and Mr Ansar Burney, the so called human activist, and the Caretaker Minister for Human Rights took all credit of this. He got into the limelight and his popularity skyrocketed as hundreds of journalists and cameramen surrounded him wherever he went with Mr Singh. He even went to India to see the “swans meet after 35 years”. (Reminded me of Veer Zara.)

The very next day, Mr Singh admitted that he, in fact was an Indian Spy (!!!) and was paid Rs 400 monthly by the Indian governement for his “patriotism”. Mr Burney has been trying hard to hide away from flashlights since then. The only statement that has come from his side is that “I am shocked to her these statements“. WTF Mr. Burney!? How could you actually go upto the president of the country, urging him to free a prisoner without having researched properly? You have embarressed us in front of the whole world!. I think you just wanted the limelight, without thinking about national interests. Thank you Mr. Burney, for being a true Pakistani (read CORRUPT, POWER HUNGRY, FAME HUNGRY DEMAGOGUE!). This is not about being anti-indian (which I am not at all and everyone knows that) but its about being practical and stopping to daydream! This has to be about national interest rather than mere publicty and getting footage on TV. For heaven’s sake, Mr Burney, for once, think about the people who really need you.


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