The Headscarf dilemma!


Being a muslim girl who wears a headscarf, I find it pretty amusing how such a small piece of cloth can actually create such huge problems…and that too in a muslim country! Here’s a picture that caught my attention today on a blog called The White Path.

A lot has been happening in Pakistan in the name of “Enlightened Moderation.” I hope this doesnt happen in Pakistan any time soon. For me, my hijaab is a set of rules and my freedom of expression which no one can take away from me…


10 thoughts on “The Headscarf dilemma!

  1. Though I cannot relate to this; I do not understand why is everyone so judgemental? Y can people not live according to their own value systems and what they r comfortable and aligned with? who r these people who are fighting battles and arguing about how they feel others should live their life and whether they r being subjugated or liberated??
    I love your views and your ability to be so forthright and fearless! God be with you!!!

  2. i wish thats how the world was! i dont know why everyone wants to make rules for others. as long as we are not harming anyone, does it really matter wat we are wearing? i dunno how the cartoon carictatures of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) can be freedom of expression for the countries like denmark, while covering one’s own hair cannot be treated as freedom of expression for a muslim woman. its a strange world!

  3. with all the so called ‘modernity’ on the rise in Pakistan, i think we’d soon be seeing such laws as the ones passed in turkey in Pakistan

  4. sadly thats how a lot of arab women dress up. i remember wen i used to live in Abu Dhabi as a kid, I often used to wonder wats more important: to cover the head (as is thought to be more important amongst many arabs) or covering the legs (as is the custom is south asian countries)

    no, i havent read that book. wat is it about?

  5. The book is about the suicides of ‘headscarf girls’ in Turkey at the time of its revolution. Your entry reminded me of it.

    Give it a read. Reminds me a lot of Pakistan sometimes. Or where it’s headed anyway.

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