Another gift from the other side of the border

Remember how Indians reciprocated our ‘goodwill gesture’ of releasing one of their spies, Kashmir Singh, by sending in the dead body of a Pakistani cricket fan labelled as terrorist. We just cant thank Ansar Burney enough to be so understanding and helpful in paving ways or more CBMs between the countries.

Today, Indians are sending us another gift at a time when Mr Burney is trying to deter the death penalty of an Indian terrorist, Sarbajeet Singh, held in a Pakistani jail. Well yes, you have guessed it right. It’s another dead bidy and this time it is of a journalist.

Will you please stop torturing us in the name of community service Mr Burney?


Enlightened Moderation

All the frequently visitors to this blog know that I do not consider Musharraf as a complete villain. Of course he has made some huge blunders but so have the other self proclaimed messiahs. I am sure he coined the above mentioned term with utmost sincerity and he was unaware that it would actually lead to what is now happening in the Land of Pure (Examples: here, here, here and here).

I myself work at a University and although I am the youngest faculty member, I can see the vast difference between how we behaved at University and how the students these days behave. The clothes are getting skimpier and public display of affection is quite acceptable. (The worst is that people have even forgotten that the libraries need to be respected) I went to the UK for my Masters but I did not feel the culture shock there as much as I felt when I came back here to Pakistan. A lot is being done in the name of modernity and people who do not stay with time are shunned, called narrow minded, conservative freaks who are potentially a danger to the society. I have been called a ‘mullani’ for the way I dress up (I wear a headscarf) and the way I speak. I know a lot of people think of me as just another ‘wannabe’ threat 😉 but is this really we should be heading towards?

Pakistan vs Commonwealth

I was just going through the BBC’s Have your Say section which talks about Pakistan’s membership of the Commonwealth. Its quite interesting to note that most of the people who have commented are not rally a fan of the commonwealth. One comment that I particularly liked is by someone called Vijay. Here it is: The Commonwealth is a “dead” institution, and no one really gives a hoot about their opinion. If I were the Pakistani leadership, I would wait till I was readmitted and then promptly decline the invitation. Hmmm, interesting aint it? As for others, many have pointed out that because the ‘real’ constituition of Pakistan (the much talked about 1973 one that was formulated by Bhutto) has not yet been restored, it still does not deserve to be a part of the Commonwealth.

As for me, I dont care about the Commonwealthg at all. In fact I am happier this way. Atleast, we dont have to reminded every now and then that we were once ruled by the British! What are the benifits anyway? None!

The dictator who is a democrat at heart

Its nice to see that I am not the only surviving supporter of President Musharraf. (Now this does not mean that I support him blindly and irrationally). Here is a post which very intelligently reminds everyone about how Adnan Kakakhail confronted Musharraf and is still very much alive. It also talks about how the so called democratic leader, Nawaz Sharif, harrassed a female anchor of Business Plus to ensure a certain news itemwas not aired. I would like to add to ths whole story by reminding everyone how the biggest advocate of restoration of judiciary planned to sabotage the judiciary in 1999. He played havoc with the judiciary when he clashed with the then Chief Justice, Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah. It seemed surprising that his recent election camaign almost completely depended upon “independent judiciary.” But the people of Pakistan seem to have forgotten the unfortunate episode when his party’s jiyalas attacked on the Supreme Court building. So ofcourse it can be imagined how ‘sincere’ he must be towards the country.

Yousuf reaches another landmark

There was not much to be talked about the on going Pakistan-Bangladesh ODI series (except the battle between WAPDA and PCB perhaps) until this feat achived by our very ownhero, Mohammad Yousuf. During his cameo knock of 32 yesterday he became the second Pakistani batsman to go past 9000 runs after Inzi. Although it was a superb 72-ball 76 by opener Salman Butt that inspired Pakistan to a seven-wicket win over Bangladesh after they were set a revised target of 158 to win in 28 overs under the Duckworth/ Lewis method but for me it was Yousuf who made my day.

Way to go Yousuf! Thanx for making us proud once again 🙂