Olympic Torch in Pakistan…The Long Wait is Finally Over

The torch, touring the world ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August, arrived in a chartered plane from Muscat at a an airbase in the nearby city of Rawalpindi. The torch is in Pakistan after 44 long year. There are Alhamdulillah no specific threats to disrupt the Olympic flame’s procession and any anti-China protests over China’s treatment of Tibetans are not expected, which have plagued the global torch relay elsewhere.

The torch will be transported to the capital’s main Jinnah Stadium at around 2 pm PST. The original plan was to parade the torch down from the presidency building and along Islamabad’s main boulevard, but the entirety of the event will now be held behind closed doors at the stadium to ensure security.

President Pervez Musharraf is due to return from a trip to China on Wednesday to attend the ceremony, while Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is also set to be there. It would be nice to see the two hostile leaders togather after the oath taking cermony.

It is an honor for Pakistan that the Asian tour of the torch has started from Pakistan. It will then travel to New Delhi from Islamabad.


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