The dictator who is a democrat at heart

Its nice to see that I am not the only surviving supporter of President Musharraf. (Now this does not mean that I support him blindly and irrationally). Here is a post which very intelligently reminds everyone about how Adnan Kakakhail confronted Musharraf and is still very much alive. It also talks about how the so called democratic leader, Nawaz Sharif, harrassed a female anchor of Business Plus to ensure a certain news itemwas not aired. I would like to add to ths whole story by reminding everyone how the biggest advocate of restoration of judiciary planned to sabotage the judiciary in 1999. He played havoc with the judiciary when he clashed with the then Chief Justice, Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah. It seemed surprising that his recent election camaign almost completely depended upon “independent judiciary.” But the people of Pakistan seem to have forgotten the unfortunate episode when his party’s jiyalas attacked on the Supreme Court building. So ofcourse it can be imagined how ‘sincere’ he must be towards the country.


8 thoughts on “The dictator who is a democrat at heart

  1. Its good to read that atleast someone is still talking sense and not merely having a four week memory. I remember the time when Nawaz brothers launched an attack supreme court pakistan. There are also some video’s of in on youtube. Its sad to see that our gullible Pakistani voters still voted for him.

    I say Pakistan would never prosper under anyone else other then a leader like Musharaf. The annoying thing is COAS Gen. Kiyani has turned out to be very incompetent and a dummy of a man….

  2. hey Ash
    welcome to the blog 🙂 and you are ash? as in ashwarya or aisha?
    khair, thanks for agreeing with me. in fact, you would actually meet many people on my blog who are ardent Mush supporters.

  3. I am neither Karachiwali. Infact its a male at this end.

    No worries, I will always support the sensible lot. In my opinion Mr Musharaf was the only leader with honesty for Pakistan. All these Nawaz, Zardari, Altaf, Imran etc etc are just oppurtunist. They will come rule the country blind, loot the money and make more surrey palaces and our beloved public will vote them again and again.

    I think Pakistan got more democracy under Musharaf than it got any under any leader. I hate Pakistan’s media they are worst enemy of their own home land

  4. By the way the deposed Justice sahib denouces U.S inside Pakistan but goes to U.S to receive an award. Aitezaz’s son is studying in N.Y and Sharif’s son has a few big business out here in U.K.

    Besharam loog

  5. oops am sorry. i thought ash must be a girl…and you are in uk? i have some great memories of the place but i could never make it my home 🙂
    khair, as for the rest of what you said, people have double standards and its not a problem with Pakistan or Pakistanis. people can go to any extent to get what they want without caring how it might hurt others and they often hurt themselves too in long term to get a short term advantage

  6. No need to be sorry, people from UK have difficulties pronouncing my name properly so its now become Ash, that way I dont hate them from not saying my name right. Yeah, its not an ideal place to make your home too cold and too wet. Insha Allah I will move from here as soon as I am over and done with somethings…

    Anyway, lets pray that Pakistan is safe from all the horse*h*t going on right now…

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