Pakistan vs Commonwealth

I was just going through the BBC’s Have your Say section which talks about Pakistan’s membership of the Commonwealth. Its quite interesting to note that most of the people who have commented are not rally a fan of the commonwealth. One comment that I particularly liked is by someone called Vijay. Here it is: The Commonwealth is a “dead” institution, and no one really gives a hoot about their opinion. If I were the Pakistani leadership, I would wait till I was readmitted and then promptly decline the invitation. Hmmm, interesting aint it? As for others, many have pointed out that because the ‘real’ constituition of Pakistan (the much talked about 1973 one that was formulated by Bhutto) has not yet been restored, it still does not deserve to be a part of the Commonwealth.

As for me, I dont care about the Commonwealthg at all. In fact I am happier this way. Atleast, we dont have to reminded every now and then that we were once ruled by the British! What are the benifits anyway? None!


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