Enlightened Moderation

All the frequently visitors to this blog know that I do not consider Musharraf as a complete villain. Of course he has made some huge blunders but so have the other self proclaimed messiahs. I am sure he coined the above mentioned term with utmost sincerity and he was unaware that it would actually lead to what is now happening in the Land of Pure (Examples: here, here, here and here).

I myself work at a University and although I am the youngest faculty member, I can see the vast difference between how we behaved at University and how the students these days behave. The clothes are getting skimpier and public display of affection is quite acceptable. (The worst is that people have even forgotten that the libraries need to be respected) I went to the UK for my Masters but I did not feel the culture shock there as much as I felt when I came back here to Pakistan. A lot is being done in the name of modernity and people who do not stay with time are shunned, called narrow minded, conservative freaks who are potentially a danger to the society. I have been called a ‘mullani’ for the way I dress up (I wear a headscarf) and the way I speak. I know a lot of people think of me as just another ‘wannabe’ threat 😉 but is this really we should be heading towards?


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