Love him or hate him; you just cant ignore him. call him corrupt, an avarice, an opportunist or simply a hero, a visionary, a charismatic leader; his marks are visible wherever you may go in Karachi…from the newly built underpasses and overhead bridges to the constant digging of roads, his name is the first thing that comes to your mind. Yes, you have guessed it right. I am talking about the Mayor of Karachi, Mustafa Kamal.
He is the much talked about young leader of MQM who is very rapidly climbing up the stairs of success not only in MQM but also in the country’s political scene. He is seen by many as the future ‘star’ of the political arena and its no wonder that his on going visit to Washington is being put under scrutiny.
He has been getting some “special treatment” in the USA for this visit where he apparantly has gone to motivate the investors to invest in his city. Needless to say, he ended up being vocal on a lot of issues other than Karachi…making this a must read.


9 thoughts on “Superstar?

  1. mustafa kamal is “urban and middle class” and that is what people like about him. he has the aggression and ‘go-get-it’ attitude. i dont really care about his corruption too much (even if he is) because he is after all spending something on the city too, definitely better than those who did not even spend a penny. something is definitely better than nothing

  2. samra, i think thats wats making him popular and his ‘star’ status in the US is just an indication that the US sees him as potentially an important player in the political scence in Pakistan in the years to come

  3. All said and done, he dug up the entire city! It takes hours to get from little point in the city to the other, HOURS, and when you’re running late for a wee meeting and are leaving the country the very next day, you end up not caring in the least about anyone’s charisma or good gestures. All you do is silently curse the man behind it all.

    Very sentimental viewpoint, yes. =P

    Although, yes, *cough* he is doing things for the city. What I do absolutely do not like about his stance is how he’s always insistent that we’ll make Karachi a Paris, a New York, a Dubai…why not let’s just make Karachi…Karachi; a much more beautiful safer lovelier city for the thousands that inhabit it?

  4. well i guess thats wat i said, love him or hate him, u just cant ignore him.
    as for making karachi…karachi, i truly agree with you. i would want karachi to be the “pearl of the east” once again, just as it was in the 60s.

  5. lol, did u read about his accent? GOD i cant stop laughing đŸ˜›
    (police = pulleyce, city district government = sadistic gore-mint)

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