After being victimized for 15 years by street crime, Karachiites have finally decided to take things in their own hands. While the country stll discusses the real issues, there has been another incidence where Karachiites have shown that they will not stay quiet anymore. In merely 4 days, 5 dacoits have been burnt alive…and thats a huge step for Karachiites who usually just surrender in front of such dacoits, accepting the looting as their fate.

I am not really in favour of ‘mob justice’ but what else could possibly have been done? The police seems helpless when people are deprived of their mobile phones, cars and jewelery on the middle of the road. I myself have been a victim of such crimes…and that too thrice. I also reported the first incident to the Police. I am still waiting to get my cell phone and my mom’s bangles back.

Whatever has happened in the past few days is simply a display of frustration that has developed over time due to mistrust on Police and the judiciary. Its barabaric for sure and, I repeat, I am not advocating mob justice. Its sad and deeply depressing but till when should the Karachiites just let the dacoits snatch everything away from them?

PS: this might have been the inspiration for the mob. It also reminds me of whatever I have studied about the French Revolution. Isnt this how the French Revolution started?


6 thoughts on “Mavericks

  1. no one trusts the police. if the police cannot provide the people with security, the people would have to do it themselves

  2. but this whole thing seems to be getting more prevalent by the minute. there were 3-4 different similar incidents yesterday alone.

  3. its interesting to note that there are many people who think of these incidents as being part of a larger conspiracy

  4. it doesnt matter whether it is a part of the larger conspiracy as u put it, what matters is the message that it gives to the world:
    “Our Police is incompetent to provide security to citizens. The Police itself is involved in heinous crimes against citizens ranging from bribing to rape and the people have decided to do justice themselves.”

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