The day after the 'best of the worst lot' leaves

Finally, the President resigned yesterday. Am I happy about it? Frankly speaking, I dont know! I have never exactly hated him. After all, he was the one who gave us an economy which we were all proud of. No doubt he made some huge mistakes in his era but I believe he was sincere. He just didnt have the right people around him..his advisors were just not good enough. But does this mean it is time to be distributing sweets? He’s gone but his advisors are still there with their positions further enforced in the establishment. Even if they had been gone, who is this country dependent on now? The great Sharifs and Zardaris!! With Musharraf resigning, I hope these ‘democratically elected leaders’ would deliver what they promised for.

Perhaps, we deserve to be ruled by people like Sharifs and Zardaris who are the biggest thugs Pakistan has ever seen. Just as I read somewhere yesterday…”Welcome to Demon-cracy!”

PS: Do read this one and also do have a look at the comments here and here


12 thoughts on “The day after the 'best of the worst lot' leaves

  1. I used to be a fan of Musharraf, not now though. And I am certainly not a fan of Nawaz/Zardari as well. Hell, I am not a fan of anyone in Pakistani political scene. (Imran Khan, maybe, but he too is just a dormant player — at least for now.)

    Though I did accept the sweets that were distributed at office after Musharraf’s resignation. Who am I to deny some free barfi? 😀

  2. well Saadat, as for Imran Khan, ill just say what Shahzad Roy says in his song “Shareef woh hai jis ko moqa nai mila.” 😉
    I agree with quite a lot what Imran Khan says but then he doesnt seem to be the person who would be the Prime Minister of Pakistan any time soon. He’s too blunt!

  3. hehe farooqk, i meant ‘shareef’ as in ‘noble’. i hope u have seen that Shahzad Roy video on tv. I just listened to the song again and it says ‘naik woh hai jis ko moqa nai mila’
    khair its now Mr 10% and Mr (self proclaimed) Amir ul Momineen for the time being and i dont think itd be long before this whole nation would reject them once again

  4. Give the nation a couple of years… they’ll be distributing sweets again when the assemblies are dissolved or a PM is assassinated or something. There is no continuity of opinion in our people – either we are just too warm-hearted and want to give everyone the benefit of doubt, or we suffer from an intense short-term memory syndrome.

    Anyway. Long live Pakistan, Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz. Please pray for our country.

  5. Precisely. Imran Khan lacks the subtlety required to be a ghaag politician. But then, that’s the very characteristic that makes him kinda different. *fingers crossed*

    And amir-ul-monineen? Like, seriously, Mian “sahab” said that?! 😯

  6. @ Absar
    you are right, these are the same people who were distributing sweets when Nawaz Sharif was removed from power in 1999.

    @ Saadat he never actually called himself amir-ul-momineen…but thats the perception that he wanted implementation of true Shariah

  7. nice analogy with the democracy!
    well I totally agree with your point of view!
    But you know what, I beleive this nation has just set a new tradition of MAKING ANY ONE LEAVE BY LEGAL MEASURES.

    I am sure if an Army dictator could be forced, why not any other person like Zardari, Mr 10% ??

  8. Thanks for linking to my post 🙂

    You mentioned “democratically elected leaders”, but the duo making the decisions aren’t even elected!! And one of them has been ruled ineligible to contest. Yet, we’re listening to them and following them. Also, all the decisions are being made at Zardari House, and not the Parliament. The elected members are merely following the directives of unelected ones, so where’s the democracy here??

    Musharraf was, albeit controversially, at least an ELECTED representative!

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