Zardari jokes

Just as we have the pathan jokes, sardar ji jokes and blonde jokes, we now also have zardari jokes…and the best thing is that we dont have to make them up, they are all true.

1) Im sure all of you have already received an email forwarding with an attachment of a photcopy of a comment by the President on the comment book at Quaid’s Mazar which says, “May Gaad give us the street to save Pakistan”. Soon after this, the two pages with the President’s comments were actually removed from the comment book and the comment was rewritten on a fresh page correcting the two misspelled words. Just when we thought it had ended, major newspapers published the original comment page with the new fabricated comment and the funniest had to happen after that. It was turned into a huge issue and the columnists who had written about this whole thing were criticised as the “presidential spokesman has taken strong exception to a malicious campaign initiated by some anti-democratic elements to tarnish the image of President Asif Ali Zardari.”

2) Nando’s has used the recent most stunt by our president for their marketing in a way that Im afraid they might actually get into trouble.

3) The very intelligent President also thinks that Kashmiris are terrorists and our 60 year old struggle was just a mistake. Wah ji wah. This must have made the armed forces really happy and they must have decided to support him and give him complete protection in a jail just like they gave protection to Nawaz Sharif less than a decade ago. If you do remember, he promised for a khushkhabri about the Kashmir issue a while back. I suppose, this was the precisely the khushkhabri he was talking about.


16 thoughts on “Zardari jokes

  1. @ Awais
    i dont we’d ever get a government which will have such a good sense of humour 😉

    @ Humayon
    pretty much true as for now

    @ Anas
    I read somewhere that FIA would be taking action against those who are spreading ‘rumours’ about the President

  2. When God wish to give punishment to a FOOL country, God appointed a President like ZARDARI / MUSHARAF etc. Really he has some mental problems.

  3. zardari does not have any mental issues. he’s very shrewd and corrupt but he seems perfectly mentally fit fit to me at least cuz otherwise he wouldnt have been the president. (have you noticed the way he makes sure he never gives a clear-cut/straightforward answer to anything at all!)

  4. Musharaf by far was one of the best leaders we had for a long time. Pakistan is no longer run by politicians, it is run by gangsters.

    I just wish, Fatima Bhutto (who is my hero) would actually decide to run for the presidency. She is intelligent, creative, honest, pretty, and would make the best leader a Muslim state has ever seen.

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