Harmless flirtation

…or sexual harassment?

Ofcourse there is a very fine line between the two and its usually quite common that the line is crossed. Obviously, it also depends a lot on the personal perspective: harmless flirtation for one might be sexual harassment for the other. I was just reading an article by Anjum Niaz in this week’s sunday magazine and I just dont know what to say. I mean I just dont agree that all men are MCPs (Male Chauvinist Pigs). There are definitely men out there who genuinely respect women. And even if most men are MCPs, its the women who are responsible. It is after all the moms, the aunts and the grandmoms who instill in their minds that they are somehow superior. So, why blame men only? In addition to that, what about the women who would go to any extent just for the slightest edge that they can get over others.

Khair, I dont know why, this article just reminded me of Sherry Rehman and a video that was being forwarded to literally everyone a zillion times a while back. Although the video was supposed to be highlighting that Sherry Rehman smokes (seriously I have no issues with her being a smoker, its her personal choice), what I found amusing was the ‘background score’ 😉


36 thoughts on “Harmless flirtation

  1. true…but someone definitely tells them (implicitly or explicitly) that they can humiliate women wherever/wenever they want and get away with it easily

  2. Normally I would n’t comment on such a post or even if I did I did just say ‘Get a Life!’ or ‘Cry Much??!! Move on!!’, But I think I need to say this loud and clear “Even if all men are Male Chauvanist and even if all women have been oppressed and are trying for their emancipation, Nobody and I mean Nobody has it easy!!! Evenyone’s life has its challenges, Too bad if women have to fight for their emancipation, but thats life. Men also have to fight, and where they might have a little power than women, they also have tons more responsibilities. I have seen so many guys who had to sacrifice so much albeit skill and capabilities just because they had a youger sister to raise and wed.”

    So please, no more femminsm (or Male chauvanism for that matter)!!!

  3. men are totally innocent, its women who corrupt us… 😉

    wese men who genuinely respect women get nothing but pain, its an unfortunate fact, so its vital for us to adapt! 😀

  4. @ Safiullah
    i think its very clear from my post that I am not a feminist..atlast not the sort that u would come across normally. as for harassment, the only form of harassment that I have been a target of is staring and trust me, its not only the men who stare at women, its the women who at times would stare more awkwardly at other women. Further, I am not exactly fighting for my emancipation. Ofcourse there are certain things that I have to give a priority to or am expected to behave in a certain way just cuz I am a woman and although I do get irritated at times but that does not mean I have started to hate men due to all that.

    @ farooq
    well men arent completely innocent but you are right to some extent, women do corrupt men and thats precisely what I am trying to say that its not the men who should be blamed solely for the way they would often treat women.
    In fact this reminds of something which I read somewhere a while back. (I dont exactly remember where I read it otherwise I would have given a reference so that you could read the whole thing) Prostitutes in the US are facing two major problems:
    1) There was a specific way in which they used to dress up to attract ‘clients’. Its getting more difficult now as all girls now dress up in a very similar manner.
    2) Its all so easily available that why would men want to pay for something when they are getting it for free!
    So, if a lot of women have started to behave like prostitutes, i dont think they should be complaining if they are treated that way. As for the rest of the women, well they have to suffer.

    Can’t stop laughing…. Man I m saving this post!!!! Ok sure granted we do stare at women and grated we might even enjoy it… but have you ever walked past Nazimabad College for Women??? I mean as a guy???!!! Surely you have n’t and believe me it is n’t fun AT ALL!!!! A guy crossing the road gets hooted and whisled at and at first you would thing wow…. I m in graceland!!! but then it starts to get obnoxious. So believe me when I tell you… It is never one way street for anything.

  6. lol….thats women emancipation! 😛 and no, i have never walked past nazimabad college, ofcourse not as a guy and sadly never even with a guy. im really missing out on soo much!! the next time my bro comes to karachi, im definitely going with him to ‘witness’ that 😉

  7. why would people do things like the vdo being circulated around? sherrry rehman wali!
    where do u teach btw karachiwali?:P

  8. lol yeh nazimabad college ka address to batao! im gonna go with brochures with my number on it, shameless self-promotion 😀

    wese sometimes i regret not going to med school like the rest of my family, my cousin was the only male in a class of some 30 students! Imagine all the ‘physicals’ one could do in all that oppurtunity… 😉

  9. Yaar Nazimabad college is in Nazimabad…. I don’t know the block, just ride the 2D and tell the male chauvinist of a conductor to drop you off at Nazimabad college for women. Now if you are a ‘guy you’ll have to jump off a speeding bus, But if you are a ‘gal’ he ‘ll tell the driver to stop the bus and see you off till you are safe… now some people might call that male chauvinism, but frankly that sounds more like chivalry or at least courtesy. Sure there manner might need an upgrade… but hey, in their defense, they are illiterate people.

  10. Oh and the feminist consider this to be there Allah given right!!!!! Why the Heck????!!!! Hey if you want to be our equals… jump off a speeding bus and break your teeth too, like us.

  11. @ ghazal
    the video has been circulated around a lot and i have nothing against sherry rehman. in fact i quite like her. Meera ki kami poori ker deiti hai, as soon as u start missing Meera and her publicity stunts, Ms Rehman is in the news all of a sudden! 😉

    @ farooq
    lol..u chose the wrong profession! and plz if u do end up going to nazimabad college, u have to tell us how the experience was 😀

    @ Safiullah
    well yes, they need to upgrade. they need some female drivers and conductors.

  12. Yeah a total over haul is what they need! they make me look ridiculously pleasant! they are quite mean and chivalry is probably not in their dictionary, that is if they even have a dictionary.

    wait a minute!!! are we actually going to talk about the public transport in karachi???! we bloggers really don’t have anything better to do!

  13. This is like the second time I’m hearing Girls actually harass guys in Karachi and it doesn’t fail to shock me!

    It’s not like I haven’t been to Pakistan in 10 years, I was there about 2 years back, but I wasn’t exposed to all this. Khair, maybe this all went on even then but I just didn’t know about it. 😛

  14. Okay, I’m sorry but I couldn’t go past the misspelt Femminism and chauvanasm.

    Feminism and Chauvinism. Please don’t do that to a sociology teacher again. I get enough of that in university. I don’t want to be blog-maimed too.

    KW, just for the heck of voicing my opinion on the matter, all men aren’t pigs, all women aren’t sluts.

    And when sluts meet the pigs, society begins to stereotype and generalize. The non-slutty women and the non-piggy men get caught in the line of fire and we begin to wonder what happened to the the thin red line.

    Thus no one gets a happy ever after. It’s a sad pathetic tale. Men have the potential to be SUCH pigs and women have the potential to be SUCH sluts, it’s almost impossible to imagine sometimes.

    But that’s humanity. And a curse it is at that.

  15. @ safiullah
    wailey log hain hum kya karein 😛

    @ Saadat
    its not only us Saadat, its a global phenomenon. stereotyping is a problem all over. We just have some different type of biases
    aur itna mushkil tag!

    @ Purple
    i guess things have changed too much just over the past 4-5 years. it wasnt this way wen i was at uni here in Karachi 4 years back….sadly, we call this progress.

    @ Mahwash
    totally agree with you!

  16. this here discussion reminds me of an eddie vedder song:

    You think you have to want
    more than you need
    until you have it all you won’t be free

    society, you’re a crazy breed
    I hope you’re not lonely without me


  17. @ farooq
    kabhi kabhi serious baat bhi ker leitey ho 😉

    @ SAWJ
    hahahaha…well girls do get some advantages after all 😛

  18. Advantage???? You guys (or gals) have all the advantage in the world…

    Ever heard of a guy filing a lawsuit for sexual harassment? (not in our country any way) NO. Cuz the term does n’t even exist!!!! But we do get utilized (like tools)…

    Tell me that is not harassment!!!

    (Or do we tend to like it? I m NOT complaining!)

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