I have a dream

Martin Luther King Jr’s dream became a reality nearly half a century later as America chose a Black Man for the White House. Ofcourse Obama’s victory was not solely because of his origin, the Bush admisitration’s policies (and Sarah Palin 😉 ) definitely had a role to play but credit must be given to this guy.

One thing that I have failed to understand so far is how Obama would be affecting us. The only thing that I have been able to figure out is that he would be pronouncing Pakistan the way it should be…rather than Paekistaen 😛


13 thoughts on “I have a dream

  1. Listen.. His policies aren’t going to change one bit… believe me.. even if it’s “Change We Need” … WE are ONLY the Americans (and that makes sense too, yes).

    But the fact of life is that our public over there voted strongly in Obama’s favor…and it is beyond me, because whenever he was asked about Pakistan, he didn’t even pretend to speak a lil less harshly.

    They’re goin to keep attacking us, our sovereignty…

    Nothing’s going to change that…

  2. To be blunt, Pakistanis are idiots and the media is infiltrated heavily by the CIA. India and Israel are in on the destabilizing and Afghanistan is their base. Our politicians are idiots and traitors. That leaves dictators to save the day! 😛

  3. The democarts were bound to win this time. The only choice was if they wanted a first woman president (please please no more feminism, did I spell it right this time? You guys are such sticklers) or a first black president. It is quite understandable that they chose a African American (which is the proper term) instead of a woman cuz the person representing the women was a witch (read with a ‘b’)!!!!

    And no matter who came in the white house we would still be a target. The old fart and the soccer mom from Alaska or wherever never had a chance.

  4. @ SAWJ
    hmmmm….so kiyani should be our ‘king’ next year? 😉

    @ safiullah
    it stays the same way for us. did u see the people from liyari celebrating his victory? it seemed so absurd!

  5. @ safiullah
    good for you..ive been trying to but its not working too well for me.

    @ SAWJ
    i wouldnt mind seeing a wife-killer being replaced by kiyani…we are better off with dictatorship, democracy is just not for us!

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