Another Tag!!

This was literally the ‘tag week’! Anway, another tag from Mahwash.

The Rules are:

Tagging/Linking others is entirely optional. You don’t have to sound needy and pathetic at all at anyone else’s blog to beg them to come visit your blog and respond to your blog (God, I’m vicious).
The tag expires after a period of 24 hours.
Tag as many people you like. Don’t tag them if you don’t want to. Don’t mention me if you don’t want to. Mention me if you want to. Heck it’s YOUR blog.
If you don’t see yourself as tagged by someone that’s pointless. This tag is universal. Everyone’s invited.
And no more rules. Introduce a little anarchy.

So I am actually doing this tag after it has expired 😛 I know I am lazy. Khair Here it goes:

Three things which you pride yourself upon.
1. Faith in Allah (SWT)
2. I have nothing extraordinary and trust me thats a huge advantage.
3. Capability to listen to all the crap that my friends need to get out of their systems

Three things you hate about yourself.
1. Emotional mood swings
2. Tendency to trust people easily
3. Sloth

Three things that you can’t let go of.
None I think

Three things that you love to eat.
1. Fruits & vegetables
2. Salads…all sorts of em
3. Chocolates!

Three things you cannot possibly eat in a million years.
Toooo many

Three songs you could sing to the rest of the world.
1. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin
2. I believe I can Fly by R. Kelly
3. Aaj Bazar Main by Nayyara Noor

Three movies you would show if you had your way around Film Festivals.
1. The Last Samurai
2. Braveheart
3. Scent of a woman


21 thoughts on “Another Tag!!

  1. the list of movies was soo long for me that i it actually got difficult to limit it to 3 😀
    as for veggies, ummmmm, i guess most people dont like veggies here, its more of a cultural thing to prefer non-veg over veg and then as most people are not introduced to vegetables at a very young age (esp veg like karela, baingan and all), people never seem to develop a liking for it

  2. I only eat a handful of veggies… I m the most carnivorous person you can find. And its not good, I need to take pills for vitamens, and B-Complex Syrups and such things.

  3. the only vegetables i eat are salad and fries, if that even counts

    lol would you actually sing i believe i can fly in public??

    Last samurai and braveheart are supercool movies, most chicks wouldve said notebook and bridget jones diary though 😛

  4. @ SAWJ

    @ Safiullah
    start eating some veggies…u wont get the best halal non-veg in singapore easily

    @ farooq
    i hated bridget jones diaries…i simply cant stand movies like another cinderella story and princess diaries
    and im not planning to actually sing anything in public at all….there wouldnt be any public left if id start singing 😛

  5. Yes mom… I ll start eating veggies when you start eating actual meat…. Man I love steaks. Even the thought of em makes my mouth water.

    Its either that or the Extra Hot prri perri sause is starting to tingle.

  6. umm hmn, what is a bad vegeterian? you are either a vegeterian or not. what sort of meat do you like? I bet chicken, news flash lady, chicken ain’t meat per say. just like eating potatoes don’t make a carnivore a omnivore.

  7. Oooooh scent of a woman!!! Probably my favorite-est movie!
    And since everyone seems to be talking about their eating habits, even though I have nothing against vegetables, I am a huge meat lover! I love steaks! Oh and I’m just a sucker for paayay! 😀

  8. @ farooq
    lol yea it is good in a way. realizing your mistakes/weaknesses is definitely the first step towards correcting them….but im not planning to learn singing, annie ki rozi per laat nai maarni maine 😉

    @ safiullah
    well a bad vegetarian is like a bad muslim…bending the rules as per the situation 😉

    @ Absar
    paayay is one of the few non-veg dishes which i cant just resist
    and as for scent of a woman, its definitely one of my most fav movies of all time for sure….al pacino at his best. sadly most people assume that it must be a chick flick cuz of its name and dont watch it at all

  9. Scar face lady…. Now thats where Al Pacino is at his best…. Sent of a Woman??? I don’t even remember what happened in it. Just that a blind man tries to drive a Ferrari.

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