The Satanic Verses

I promised Status that Id soon be talking about the Satanic Verses a while back…so here it is.

As with all men with great popularity, several myths are associated with the Prophet (SAW): some created out of reverence and others out of enmity. The episode of the Satanic Verses is also one of these myths. I call it a myth because neither there is a reference in the Qur’an of this incident nor in the most reliable accounts the Prophet’s (SAW) life. Would you really believe in a historic event which does not appear in authentic sources? At least I wont.

The story, as it appears in books by several historians, says that the Shaitan interfered with the revelation of the Surah-an-Najam (Surah 53).Β  The tradition has it that the Prophet (SAW) was ‘taken over’ by the Shaitan while it was revealed and was inspired to utter two verses which declared that the three goddesses al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat could be revered (Nauzubillah) as the intermediate between man and Allah (SWT). Since the Quraysh considered these goddesses as banat al-lah, they immediately thought that Islam had placed these goddesses as equal to Allah (SWT). Because now it seemed that the Qur’an had endorsed the belief of their forefathers, they no longer saw Islam as a sacriligious threat. The story goes on that the Prophet (SAW) later received another revelation that it all had been inspired by the Shaitan (hence the name Satanic Verses). Consequently, the two verses were expunged from the Qur’an.

The story, not appearing in the most authentic Muslim sources, soon lost its significance in the Muslim World and merely remained a myth that was only covered by Western (read Christian, anti Islam) writers until Rushdie came up with his own version which repeats all the old Western myths about the Prophet (SAW) in his infamous The Satanic Verses (which I regret reading myself). For me, this myth is nothing more than just a western propoganda designed (and now embedded in the western mindset) that Islam is inherently a flawed religion by showing that the only and the most authentic source itselfΒ  was unable to distinguish between the good and evil.


28 thoughts on “The Satanic Verses

  1. The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) was the first creation of Allah, and a symbol of perfection. There is no way that a lowlife like Iblees could have fooled Him.

    I remember reading in some book where the author claimed that Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) read some verses and later dropped them from the Quraan. After your post I’m able to see where his thinking came from. There have bee countless idiot writers in the past, it’s good that you highlighted this point.

  2. @ SAWJ
    exactly…the shaitan could not possibly take over the Prophet (SAW). As for all the authors claiming that certain portions of the Qur’an were changed later (by the Prophet (SAW) himself) can never really prove it with an authentic reference. All these myths can only be referenced to by books that were written during the crusades.

    @ Stat
    well waiting for you to get back on this…and do lemme know wen you are done with your post on feminism

  3. I have never really cared about Rushdie’s Satanic Verses or about knowing what exactly he wrote to infuriate all the Muslims in the world, and once when my teacher told me that he couldn’t get past two pages of Satanic Verses due to its poorly written style, I got even more untempted (is that a word?) to read it. Your post is a concise summary.

    As for reading the Quran in reverse, I have heard about it; they say that it’s used in some branch of black magic.

  4. @ SAWJ and purple
    hmmmm….didnt know that reading the Qur’an in reverse was even possible.

    @ Saadat
    I’ve read the book completely out of curosity. Its true that its not a very well written book….too verbose for me even if you take out the religious factor. I dont think this book would have been a bestseller if it did not have the element of blasphemy. Most people read it for the same reason as I did. Interestingly, an average Western reader was not even able to comprehend the real story. The book requires good knowledge of Islam and the culture in Indian subcontinent.

  5. Just a lil note that I wanted to add about Surah-an-Najam.
    Its a Makki Surah, i.e. it was revealed before the Prophet (SAW) had migrated to Medina. Obviously, these were the early days of prophethood and the Prophet (SAW) was the leader of a seemingly weaker side (both financially and politically). It seems likely that the whole story of the Satanic Verses was merely made up by the Quraysh to show that the Prophet (SAW) was looking for a compromise (and to make him look weaker). Obviously, the Prophet (SAW) wanted peace but not on the grounds of what was being claimed by the enemies of the Prophet (SAW).

  6. The world never has and it never will stop throwing dirt upon our religion.

    Like you said, we have no reason to waste our time thinking about these issues if we have no authentic sources in the Quran or Sunnah or traditions from the Ahl-e-Bayt…

    It is good that you’ve highlighted these facts, as well as the fact that it might be an attempt to malign the Prophet (S.A.W) to make people believe that he was looking for a compromise (Nauzubillah).

  7. Quote – SAWJ: “I remember reading in some book where the author claimed that Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) read some verses and later dropped them from the Quraan.”

    Well, too careful.. u’r too careful! I know which book are u referring to; I’ve spent my 2years ‘studying’ those religious books and, by the grace of Allah, I know which are just ‘crap’…

    *winx at u*

  8. Quote: “Would you really believe in a historic event which does not appear in authentic sources? At least I wont.”

    Oye naa kar! Bohat si baton ko choRna paR jeyega; bohat si baton ko man’na paRega! πŸ˜‰ [I’m serious when I’m saying this]

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