Read: In the Name of your Lord Who created man from a blood clot

Note: This post is completely a result of a discussion which I was having with Safi yesterday. As it was completely random and on texts, i thought id write something which would might be benificial and motivating for others.

A little over 14 centuries ago  Prophet Mohammad (SAW), was meditating and speculating over various aspects of creation around him in his favorite resort, a cave named Hira in the mountanous region of Mecca when an Angel, Hazrat Gabriel (AS),  came to him and said, “Read.” “I cannot read,” the Prophet (SAW) said. Hazrat Gabriel (AS) squeezed the Prophet (SAW) and repeated the order thrice until the Prophet (SAW) started repeating the verses, trembling with fear. And thus, came the first commandment of Islam: READ.

After this, there were several instances where Allah (SWT) encouraged people to educate, research and instill curosity amongst themselves. These are just a few instances:

In the heavens and the earth there are certainly signs for the believers. And in your creation and all the creatures He has scattered about there are signs for people with certainty. (Surat al-Jathiyah: 3-4)

In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are Signs for people of intelligence: those who remember Allah standing, sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth: “Our Lord, You did not create this for nothing. Glory be to You! So guard us from the punishment of the Fire.” (Surah Ali-‘Imran: 190-191)

Have they not looked at the camel – how it was created? and at the sky – how it was raised up? and at the mountains – how they were embedded? and at the earth – how it was smoothed out? So remind them! You are only a reminder. (Surat al-Ghashiyah: 17-21)

Allah created you from dust and then from a drop of sperm and then made you into pairs. No female gets pregnant or gives birth except with His knowledge. And no living thing lives long or has its life cut short without that being in a Book. That is easy for Allah. (Surah Fatir: 11)

In merely 23 years after the first verse of the Quran was revealed, Prophet Mohammad (SAW) laid the foundation and became the Head of State of an ideal state in Medina. There were social reforms in areas such as social security, family structure and women rights. There were also economic reforms such as zakaat. Ofcourse, the reforms were far more than the veneration that is left today. Even after his death, Islam grew not only politically and economically but also in education and arts. But soon, it all started to detoriate.

The main idea of Islam is now simply reduced to the five basic pillars and the real essence has been lost. We now only practice them all simply as a habit which we have picked up over the years without trying to know the real meanings. The ummah has sadly forgotten the first command ever given by Allah (SWT) to the Prophet (SAW). Today, we only get education to land a good job, get married in a rich family and have a luxurious life. The curosity factor is just no more and as a result we are dependent upon all the technology that is imported from the West, which was only a few centuries ago known as the barbaric world. Today, the highest ratio of PhDs/scientists is in Israel which means there is a high degree of research being carried out by Jews in practically all fields making them world leaders. As a result, they make all the policies and are becoming stronger by the day.

So what do we do now? Of course something has terribly gone wrong. We are all so-called educated Muslims. I am sure there’s something which we can do to help the state of Muslims.


33 thoughts on “Read: In the Name of your Lord Who created man from a blood clot

  1. What a majority of Muslims did was tarnish the image of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) by creating and fabricating hadith from sources these people claimed to be authentic.

    Such Ahadith, unfortunately, led to the blasphemous writings from the kuffaar.

    That is why it all started to fall apart. These Muslims left Muhammad (SAW) far behind in history and used his religion for political benefit.

    Muhammad’s (SAW) Islam is beautiful. A true embodiment of prosperity, peace and tranquility in a society.

  2. I would disagree on a few things but that would be only the procedure of Wahi. 🙂

    Khair, what exactly is Islam? Do we know this? Allah mian ko kyoon soojhi ke Islam aaye? And why 124,000 prophets?

    Do you know that all prophets lived in the area around the river Euphrates? (Darya-e-Furaat, yes. Karbala wala Darya-e-Furaat.) Middle East, to be exact.

    Prophet Eesa was born in Karbala. 😀

  3. @ Ammar
    There are fabricated ahadith…true. but the Qur’an is still intact. no mortal has the capability to change it.

    @ SAWJ
    i wouldnt like to start a debate on the procedure of wahi and all but what I am trying to say here is what exactly went soo wrong that we are now in such a terrible state. wat happened to our education system? Why have we become so dependent on the west? till when will we continue to just talk about the golden era of Islam? when will we actually start to act?

  4. further, i would here mainly like to concentrate on the state of education in the muslim world. we all know that there was a time when muslims were world leaders in science and philosophy. Today, we are not even good at copying the West.

  5. Wohi to main bol raha hoon, what is Islam? That is what we have to research and teach buddhoo! 😀

    Education about religion will start from the first step. And our Maulvis have absolutely no idea what they are teaching. Un ko pata hi nahin ke Islam ki gehrayee kya hai!

    I have no trust in any aalim, be it Shia or Sunni, or anyone else. Everyone’s lying. They do that to hide their own shortcomings.

    Researching and learning Islam in today’s world comprise not just of reading books but verifying each and every sentence in those books. Does anyone do that? Nope.

  6. Hello people… I m back.
    But not for long. I don’t have a computer here, but I will soon.

    Since this is and extension to one of our conversations, I ll ask an obvious question which I asked in the messages as well. How do we, and esp you intend to remedy this problem?

  7. The solution is actually quite simple, if only in theory: Everyone, from the education minister to ordinary teachers and students, should do their respective jobs honestly. A passion for sorting out the sorry state of affairs of the Muslim world also helps.

    Oh, and SAWJ…

    Prophet Eesa was born in Karbala. 😀


  8. The question here arises, what are we to do about the sorry state of our Ummah?

    Allah does not change the condition of people until they make an effort to change it themselves. The problem today is obvious. We’ve left the Qur’an and Sunnah to a level that is disgusting. I mean really, look at the society around us as an example, how many people consider spending months, or even years, to study Qur’an as an important part of their lives compared to secular education? 1 in a few hundred? And then look at our society’s attitude towards these things, we hold people with PHds and MBAs definitely in more higher position then someone whos memorised and studied Qur;an.

    I’m not saying there is anything wrong with pursuing secular studies [I’m doing it too!!] but what I’m saying is, that there needs to be given more attention to our religion too. A balance needs to be struck between the two instead of falling into two extremes. We need to come back to the origins of religion, to learning and studying the deen and becoming closer to Allah through the Qur’an and Sunnah.

    Instead, we’ve become divided among ourselves. Tribalism, nationalism, sectarian divide, what *doesn’t* ail us? The Muslim Ummah is in a rotten state, and whos fault is it? Ours.

    Secondly, we’ve become weak. Instead of helping each other as brothers and sister, we turn to the kuffar for aid – for what? A short term materialistic benefit which is only found in this dunya and not in the akhira. An example is the situation of our current leaders of today.

    Khair, i can go on and on about this :p and i shall refrain from writing an essay in KW’s post.

    [The above reasons are only a few though, the answer to ‘what CAN we do’ is vast’

  9. @karachiwali: The thing is, most of us, including me, just talk. We don’t act. We see someone in need, we don’t help him. We hear about a Sunnah, we don’t make it a part of out life. The worst thing is if someone does try, people discourage that act. Some guy grows a beard, he is discouraged.There is a simple solution:

    “Every being has to account for it self to Allah”

    If every Muslim understands this, problem solved.

    Lets start acting right now! I noticed that you have a “Gemini Club” page. I might be wrong, but I believe Islam prohibits astrology.

  10. If this is n’t an essay, I hate to see something you really call an essay!

    I agree to your comment by the way. but we have the tendency to go to extremes, so I would suggest a system that balances both.

  11. SAWJ,

    My understanding has always been that Hazrat Isa (a.s.) was born somewhere in Jerusalem. Some Christian traditions say that he was born in Bayt-e-Lehm; some say that he was born in Al-Nasirah. According to one Muslim tradition that I know, he was born within the premises of a holy mosque in Jerusalem (which can very well mean Masjid al-Aqsa). But nowhere in any account have I read or heard that he was born outside Jerusalem.

    (Sorry for going off-topic, folks.)

  12. @ Safi
    i have already given you the answer to that question. I just want everyone’s opinion on this.

    @ Saadat
    For that we need the whole society to change but I just wanted something which perhaps we could do ourselves.

    @ SAWJ & Saadat
    I seriously didnt want to talk about where Hazrat Isa (RA) was born in this post but khair now that the topic is being talked about tou even I have heard/read wat Saadat is saying.

    @ Purple
    I would disagree to some extent here. As far as I know, you want to pursue your career as a journalist. Now that definitely sounds completely secular but you can actually help Islam by writing about issues and perhaps also presenting solutions to those problems in your articles. Allah (SWT) wants us to find His signs in days and nights, the land, the sea, the mountains and any other place possible. We just need to use our secular knowledge in a way that could be useful for the ummah.

    @ Talha
    yes I have a page called Gemini club but I think you havent seen the page as yet. I do not believe in astrology which is very clearly stated on that page. I do not start my day reading my horoscope and I have never shown my hand to a palmist. It is a constellation that I was born under and just a fun way for me to connect with other people born under the same constellation. If you know then Allah (SWT) has also motivated Man to look for His signs in the stars 🙂
    As for being discouraged undertaking certain sunnahs, i can definitely relate to that. People would call you a mullah/taleban/terrorist/suicide bomber and discourage u in every possible manner.

  13. @karachiwali:

    I have “now” seen that page. I don’t know about the “signs in the stars” thing. I only believe in the power of gem stones, not in star signs or palmistry, though I consider my star sign be the best :P.

    @SAWJ: I have also never heard of Hazrat Isa (A.S.) being born outside Jerusalem. There is that “Jesus of Nazareth” thing, but I believe Nazareth is some place in Jerusalem, not sure though.

  14. Safi: lol, thats nothing a but little short ‘note’. An essay would be more along the lines of a couple of pages. 😛

    KW: Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I agree with that too. I guess I wrote my comment in a jumble as the thoughts just came along.

    Yes, sometimes you can use your secular education also for the sake of Allah. For eg, I believe more Women should strive to be doctors and go in the medical field because when Muslim Women patients go to the hospital, they dont feel uncomfortable treated by a Man. And things like that.

    But, what I meant was, we’ve left the basics of our religion, thinking them to be trivial. I feel that every person should read the Qurán with meaning and understanding. How many people actually bother to go to the tafseer, to the meaning and the roots of the qurán? We have this culture of placing the book in the top most shelf and taking it out only on certain occasions, and even then when people read it, they don’t bother going to understand the meaning of what they’re reading.

    Understanding the qurán is only an example I gave again of the basics that we’ve left. As Muslims, we’ve gone wrong in a lot of ways. We need to come back to holding firm to the quran and sunnah, to implement the laws of Allah first upon ourselves as people and then help others around us to be better.

  15. Hazrat Isa’s (A.S.) mother Hazrat Maryam (S.A.) was told to leave the mosque when she was about to give birth. He was given birth under a date tree. (Quraan: Maryam 16-34)

    She lived there for some time, then returned to Jerusalem. She did not give birth in the mosque.

    And it’s Nasiryah, not Nasirah, also in Iraq, some distance from Karbala.

  16. Interesting post, but I dont see the point of it. I dont want to offend anyone but our beloved religion Islam has been highjacked by maulvi’s you have made Islam a male dominated religion and unless or until we throw the mulla’s out nothing will be set out right.

    In addition to this, different people have interpreted Islam in different ways and it has happened soo much soo that the whole meaning has changed. For example, Zakat was supposed to be a social fund so that the society could benefit from it but nowadays people prefer giving Zakat to their poor relatives (most of the times its less than what they are accounted for). I know some people (including my mom and dad)take money out of their Pakistani’s accounts just before zakkat’s deducted because,

    1. They dont trust the system
    2. They think its beneficial to give it to their poor relatives.

    The way I look at this, I say this is not right. There should be a transparent system setup to monitor this and then everyone can get a fair share of such a benifit as per their needs.

    About, Islam and education. Well Deen and Duniya need to go together. They are like two balls which need to be balanced in the same propotion but I am affraid to say all us grip one of them tight and let the other one slip. These days if anyone keeps a beard then people get worried and say “Maulvi hogaya hai”. People are even scared of giving out their daugthers in religious families because they are jamati’s. Today education has opened our minds soo much that we have even started to question Allah’s authority.
    Boys and girls study in co-ed’s and its not considered bad. Dating is seen as part of our soceity, for boys the high the shalwar the more dangerous he is and for girls the higher the shalwar the more fashionable and rich she is. What are we trying to achieve here?

    Prophet Mohammad, started the first preaching from his own home and muslims from our age start preaching from a different corner.

    The interesting thing which I usually try to find an answer to is. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam that is the reason its known As Islamic Republic of Pakistan. But which islam are we talking about ? Sunni, Shia, Baraivi, Deubandi, Ismaili, Kadyani or Wahabi…Because as far as each of these categories go they are called muslims in one way or another.

    If the youth of today do want to make a change then you dont need to discuss it on a blog and write some emotional replies and then use TAB+CTRL to look the fresh bollywood news or check out how Angelina Jolie looks on red carpet. All we need to do is study Islam on our own. Read the books of all other related religions and then see how Islam is better. The five pillars of Islam are not just merely pillars. They are things on which the whole infrastructure of Islam rests on. You are all clever people and none of you needs your hand to be lead into a direction. When Allah will want then you will find the right paths and discover what Hazzart Mosa , Prophet Mohammad, Hazzart Ali and the rest of them did.

    I always say “Prosperity lies in testing and learning and testing again”. We need to be true to ourselves. I know I dont get a satisfying reflection of myself in the mirror because I know I am not following the same Islam as Prophet Muhammad thought. But are you guys following the right things ?

    I know tons of people who drink on Friday night but look for a halal restaurant to eat. I know parents who let their children go out with white girls but then take them to Pakistan so that they can end up with good brides. The truth is our soceity and culture is becoming a laughing junk.

  17. Hazrat Maryam (S.A.) called for help after leaving the mosque. Land folded and she arrived in Karbala.

    Here Hazrat Isa (A.S.) was born.

    Iraq is the holiest of lands for Muslims. Many prophets have lived here.

    Hazrat Nooh’s (A.S.) ark docked at Mount Najaf after the storm.

  18. @Ash: Our constitution (If it still exists) clearly states that Kadyani’s and Ismaili’s are not Muslims, and they are not. But I agree with the rest. Our society is a big bad joke. Pakistan was formed so that Islamic law can be implemented. So far we have failed to establish the base. No wonder the whole structure is collapsing. And how can people trust a system based on Interest to properly distribute Zakat. Its not right to find a loophole to dodge a system, but the excuse is relevant.

    Also, you did the same thing. You said: “Interesting post, but I dont see the point of it” and then you talked about how people react to beards etc. :S

  19. lemme remind that this discussion should be more on what we should do rather than what is being done in the society. Remember wen we point the finger towards wat is being done in the society we are basically saying that its a hopeless situation and we dont have a chance. I am very optimistic, I believe that goodness is contagious. If I start doing something good, I can definitely inspire a few more to do the same. Even if I can inspire 5 people during my lifetime, I think that wouldnt be a bad deal at all cuz I know that each one of those 5 people can inspire 5 or more people 🙂

  20. @ purple
    exactly my point 🙂 we definitely need to study the Qur’an and make all efforts to try not only understand but also implement its commands in our daily lives but that shouldnt mean that we do not pursue careers in the so-called secular fields. In fact we can only be good in those fields if we follow the Qur’an and the sunnah (based on the islamic moralities that we are supposed to follow). we definitely need muslim (and here i mean the ones with proper knowledge of islam) in the secular fields to help islam prosper

    @ SAWJ
    i think ill need to have a post on this topic too 🙂 but khair, can we please stay on topic?

    @ Safi
    why dont you start and let others follow you? 🙂

    @ Ash actually went on to make such a long comment on something you didnt see a point of. lovely i must say 🙂
    talking about banks and zakaat, i dont want to be offensive but i think there’s something you need to correct your parents’ attitude towards the banking system. If you know already, zakaat is only deducted in savings account and not in current accounts. Secondly, you can tell the bank that they donot want the zakaat to be deducted. It is a facility offered by all banks in pakistan.

    @ talha
    totally agree with you. Its not difficult to find loopholes in an already bad/immoral and completely non sharai system (the banking system based on interest)

  21. @Talhaabid,

    Its “US” who say that Kadyani’s and Ismails are not Muslims in closed compound boundaries of our secured society, but most of the people wont even say that out in the open because over the years we have become really cautious about confrontation. If they are not Muslims then why are they part of our Muslim society? Why do we greet them salaam, why do we remove the barriers which separate us from them? The way I understand it is we are all scared of confrontation and that is the reason that soo many factions have started to call themselves Muslims whereas their believes are soo far away from basic Muslim beliefs.

    The interesting thing is the man who fought for Pakistan’s independence, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, beloonged to the Ismaili Khoja branch of Shi’a Islam, though Mr.Jinnah later converted to Twelver Shi’a Islam. Their mother tongue was Gujarati. So without offending anyone, does this implicate that Mr. Jinnah was not a Muslim but still fought for a separate country for Muslims? or should I say that even in those days no one confronted Mr. Jinnah for his religious beliefs and let him to carry on with what he believed was right? The reason I question this is because in our society Sunni clerics don’t consider shia’s as Muslims.

    Our society now shamefully is trying to move with the eyes of ignorance and the time is not far when drinking, eating pork and many other “Don’ts” will become the “Do’s” because are eyes are wide shut.

    As far the bearded folks are concerned. Well I presented the right opinion of generic public. To be really honest at times I am scared of people on trains with beards and big rucksacks. I know its not right but I still do because the society has categorized them as a danger and we all have been brainwashed over it so we are bound to think about them the same way of -veness. Whether anyone agrees or not!


    Whenever hopes have died a new sun risen.
    Therefore, I have killed my all my hopes and I am waiting for a new sunrise of better tomorrow.

  22. @Karachiwali

    I tend to waste my time on non interesting things and then I make them interesting. Anyway, about my parents use of system. They dont take interest at all. Whatever interest comes into the banks is dealt with accordingly without it being used for anything for them. And as for zakaat is concenred well they always take out their money from their banks and then distribute Zakaat themselves. Over the years I have changed their mind and now 50% of our Zakaat goes to our poor relatives and 50% goes to charities. My point here is that there is no transparent system to see how that deducted Zakaat is being used. Where does it go? does it go to people in need or does it go towards banks own investement. If a proper transparent system is in place then my parents and soo manny other people wont do that. The only reason they take the money out is they want to see their money going to the right people.

    BTW no offense taken. This is an adult to adult discussion not school boy talk 😉

  23. “Therefore, I have killed my all my hopes and I am waiting for a new sunrise of better tomorrow.”

    So it does mean you are hopeful!

    Further, I do not want to repeat this but please keep this restricted to what we should do rather than keep blaming the system. we already know its bad, we are not discussing that. This is supposed to be about trying to see problems in you and not in others. Tell us what you are doing or what you plan to do to serve the ummah

  24. I always wanted to build things…

    I love that qoute out of steve job’s CV…

    “I m here to bring down walls and make bridges”
    But since I m not a civil engineer so I can’t follow that qoute literally, (I think neither does steve jobs, unless he has a secret construction company.)

    I always wanted to make my own tech corp, a multi facet organization that makes money big time (so I can get rich) but also pays back the world more than it makes money. I have no qaulms with helping others and help myself in the process. I m not talking about taking advantage here. A company is for profit and Islam encourages profit.

    By the way, this post is fast turning into a similar nightmare as our country and the ummah. Why can’t we just agree to disagree and not fight over smaller issues when even greater ones are at stake?

  25. @karachiwali,

    Its not necessary that a wait is for a “Hope” to come true. It was long ago when I stopped hoping.

    To serve Ummah, we need a 360 degree turn on how things are done. If Ummah is to be served then true shariah is a must. If true shariah is implemented then the arguement will be on which fiqh. The commonly known are.

    * Hanafi.
    * Maliki.
    * Shafi’i.
    * Hanbali.
    * Fiqh-Jafria (Shia)

    Even if we all agree on one my question will be are we muslims happy to welcome this with open arms? because this will involve us going back to islamic golden age when important legal institution where developed by muslims. (around the 8th century).

    Are we ready to accept all this and implement the true islam or are we going to live the dual standards of life.

    I rest my case 🙂

  26. We have lost the essence in all that we do, we r either obeying some order or performing a farz. We dont feel happy or obliged to perform our Salah. Zakat is another thing that cuts off ur salary or ur savings. Hajj is something too expensive. Roza is also a farz something that if u didnt do will be like a mark on ur face and everybody will say bad about u.Tauheed is just a Kalima left for repeating in tasbeeh or prayers. We say the Kalima but just say it as we r repeating some words not believing from inside that what we are saying should be what we believe in.
    What Muhammad’s(SAW) Ummah did 1400 years ago is now something that we are performing but not believing in.

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