Bolo Ali Ali

Note: I have a firm belief that Mushkil Kusha is Alllah (SWT) alone, ‘Bolo Ali Ali’ is just a a song and thats how I treat it.

I was I think 7 or 8 years old when I first heard Sajjad Ali singing ‘Bolo Ali Ali’ on a vacation trip to Karachi and the tune was so catchy that I not only liked it but would also sing it the whole day (I dont torture people any more by singing 😛 ). One day I was singing ‘Kiya khaybar Fatah, woh hai mushkil kusha, bolo Ali Ali’ while having dinner when all of a sudden my nana asked: Do you know who was Ali (RA)?

Me: Obviously, he was the Prophet’s (SAW) cousin, a very brave soldier.

Nana: (smiling) Ummm ok and do you know what he did at Khayber?

Me: He was the commander (in a I-know-it-all tone)

Nana: Hmmm and?

Me: And nothing (Ok, I didnt know much after all 😛 )

Nana: I mean what happened in the war? Or after that?

Me: Ummm, No (I just had to admit!)

(BTW, I do not believe that there is a mushkil kusha other than Allah SWT)

That night, we didnt sleep till around 3. He told us about Hazrat Ali’s (RA) bravery and his fierce fighting skills. For me, it was all like a character in a fiction story: a brave handsome prince, married to the princess of his dreams, living the life of a hero. It then became a custom at home. My nana would tell us stories from Islamic history and I would think of all of them coming straight out of…well yea a fiction story. This continued till his death a few years later…

Fast Forward to 2005

I had just finished reading The Satanic Verses and I was looking for something written in response to it…and there it was, a book called Muhammad by Karen Armstrong. A beautiful book by all means but wen it ended, it left a lot for me to find out because it was not exactly written as a biography but pretty much as to why the reaction was the way it was Rushdie’s book. I wanted a biography and just a day later I was standing in a bookstore with my first ever book on Islamic History and it was again by a non-muslim author but I knew I just had to read it. It was so intriguing that I ended up reading the whole book in less than two days and I was back at the store to get its second part. This time the story was real, about real people, people I loved and admired dearly but didnt know much about. The book series was by a non-muslim writer so it was not something I could depend on solely but the best thing it did to me was instilling curosity in me…

So why have I been talking about this all of a sudden? Well, you guys know of the series of posts that I have been doing lately and I have now decided to take a break cuz its emotionally exhausting for me. This is an unending research. The more I study, the more it fascinates me, the more it confuses me. I might not be blogging at all for a few days…need some time to breathe and wind up some work which I should 😀 Got a lot of things to do. I have to make up for my classes over the next two weekends. Further, I have started with the write up of my paper..getting some really good results, need some more stuff to be reported in the paper. Planning to get it done as soon as possible. Btw, N is helping me with the write up (If you are confused as to why I need help, then see this 😛 ) . And have a look at this:

11(No sympathies for my fiance plz 😛 ) Consider yourself tagged. Although the test is basically for married people, it is fun 🙂

So anyway, I will insha Allah be continuing not only with this series later but also with this blog pretty soon.I’ll miss you guys…all the rockstars in my life 🙂


33 thoughts on “Bolo Ali Ali

  1. Aaah, awesome song!

    Hazrat Ali is the complete personality: fighter, husband, talking Quraan, best judge, what not! My favorite apart from Imam Husain. As for Imam Husain, the following lines from Nadeem Sarwar’s nauha will explain:

    Bolay Ali, “Husain ho ab bhi hawaas mein!
    Aisi to jang hum na laray bhook-o-pyaas mein!”

    The greatest general ever!

    As for my score:

    -18As a 1930s wife, I amVery Poor (Failure)Take the test!

    Best of luck with your break. Have fun!

  2. SAWJ, does that mean Hira’s right abuot yuo? The gay best friend? You just took that test to prove it, didn’t you?? 😛

    Leena, kahan jaa rahi ho? Aur kioon jaa rahi ho? Aur kioon aisey khuda-hafizzy khatt likh rahi ho? You’re not going anywhere!!!! Blog about something, anything, but blog yaar. Kuch hi toh log hain jin ko parh ke acha lagta hai!

  3. @ SAWJ
    ummmm….u wanted to know how u would be as a wife? u would make a perfect gay friend for Hira 😛

    @ minerva
    arey im not going anywhere…and thanks for such a sweet comment 😀 i just need to get some things done

  4. Isay kehtay baat ko tor maror ke pesh karna. 😉

    To remove all misconceptions I took the husband test:

    93. As a 1930s husband, I am Very Superior!

    Ab bolo! 😛

  5. Chauvinistic? Needlessly macho? I never found a question there relating to any of these aunty. Maybe you should try the quiz for husbands too. 😛

    Are you marrying a feminine-type guy?

  6. wait.. wait… I just read the last part again.

    You’re not going to blog anymore?!! No!

    I can understand taking a break… but comeon KW, don’t disappear entirely on us. Especially those of us who aren’t in the Country and can’t call you up to chat. lol.

  7. First, a nostalgic song Bolo Bolo. Loved it!
    But if you listen to its re-make in Sajjad Ali’s new album, he actually ruined the song himself. But it was covered well by EP in their live version.

    Coming to the topic, we all should have known the islamic heroes, from Hazrat Ali (RA) to Hazrat Umer Farooq (RA). A column by Javed Choudhry would be a great help in this regard as he has compared Hazrat Umer (RA) and Alexandar the Great through statistics. Let me see if I could post it around.

  8. @ SAWJ
    u are a very traditional man i must say! 😛

    @ minerva
    lol, precisely my point

    @ Amir
    wen i come back to continue with the blog, i sure will

    @ Purple
    not going anywhere…its just a small break. u know that blogs and procrastination go hand in hand 😛

    @ manut
    thanks for coming back after such a long time! where have u been?

    @ Jibz
    dude, welcome to the blog!! great to see u here and wen are u starting to blog urself?
    And do post the article u are talking about.

  9. @Jibran! Dude, Simply Adore the EP cover! they took a pathetic song and turned it into something else entirely! But I think this is nt the same song. Cuz I have nt heard it!

    I think I have never been exposed to pop culture! Khair!

  10. Leena, thanks a lot!
    Im up with my blog with its advertising magic =) do visit it..

    Yes, ive got that column but perhaps there is no option for me to post an image at ur blog…lemme check

  11. safiullahhussaini:

    Yes, but heres a confusion.
    I’ve taken it as ‘Bolo bolo’ but Leena posted about ‘Bolo Haider qalandar Ali ali’…

  12. You know, I can’t believe you answered hundred questions for that. More than that, I can’t believe SAWJ answered a hundred questions for the wife quiz! 😛

  13. Assalamualaekum,

    I am enchanted by your (no way) ramblings that i want to admit it today.

    This post: That is so endearing, motivating, captivating and beautiful. SO are those confusions, so motivating, perplexing, wanting the future to be more better than the past.

    Ruki hai meri taba tu hoti hai rawan aur (Ghalib)


    humble regards!
    Sincere M. Umer Toor

  14. i have a question why didnt sajjad ali sing a song of hazrat Umar bolo umar umar bolo umar farooq …. why ali ali only Hazrat Umar (RA) was brave to and after all second khaleefa on the other hand hazrat ali was the 4th

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