Heart Attack(ed)?

Less than 4 weeks back, the Sri Lankan team came under attack in a city which is commonly known to be the ‘heart’ of Pakistan. Sadly, not a single terrorist was captured or killed and they were all successful in escaping without a single injury. Obviously, the consequences could have been worse if any Sri Lankan player had been killed or had they been able to perhaps take some part of the city hostage but now it seems they have come back to finish the job: 10-12 young armed men, dressed in police uniform, have taken control of a Police Academy (!!) in the ‘heart’ of Pakistan.

Right now, as I type this, my fingers seem to have frozen and my mind is completely blank. The timing could just never be worse for an attack of this magnitude….a time wen Obama has started clearly accusing Pakistan for not doing enough against terrorism, wen “American generals have turned their guns on Pakistan, accusing elements of its main intelligence agency, the ISI, of supporting Taliban and al-Qaeda militants [Source]” and wen India has been able to provide quite a few proofs against certain Pakistanis in relation to the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. Meanwhile, we havent had any success in proving anything against anyone at all in relation to the 3/3 attacks.

P.S: Do have a look at this…dont blame me if it angers you.

EDIT: The comments on this post made me think of putting up a poll. If there’s something that we think we can do, we should start doing it straightaway


28 thoughts on “Heart Attack(ed)?

  1. I was quite shocked when I switched on the TV this morning and saw what was happeing. Feel bad, and my thoughts are with all of you and people who have had to suffer. I only hope and pray that things will begin looking up sooner than later.

  2. Just read an American general saying that they will operate in Pak as last resort if there is a threat to USA. What about threats to us?? Its a war, and Pak has lost it quite badly.

  3. @ Safi
    i dont think things will change overnight for Pakistan. if the police itself can be attacked in the middle of a cosmopolitan city, one can only imagine how dangerous these people have become

    @ Americanising desi
    exactly. people in the government need to start accepting their constitutional responsibilities. it was a major administrative flaw and no one is willing to accept that. Just last night I was watching Javed Chaudery’s ‘Kal Tak’ where he was talking about Lal Bahadur Shastri (India’s Minister of Railway and Transport) resigned after a train accident that killed 144 people. I cant imagine Salman Taseer resigning for wat has happened in Lahore throughout March.

    @ Pradeep
    thanks….we need the prayers.

  4. @ Anas
    does it make a difference to our leaders? it doesnt. They can come out and dance on the roads for a deposed CJ, but they cant come out and protest against the drone attacks launched by the Pakistani army on tribal areas…why? cuz its Uncle Sam’s will! No one wants to say a single word against American atrocity.

  5. I think as long as the people are nt educated (and I dont mean academic education… civil, ethical and moral education) nothing will change in this country, America or no America. Sure America has a big hand amongst others but our people also have done nothing to suggest that they are any good, and not just yet but 50 years ago. So yes things cant and wont change over night and there are a lot of strong influences too. But people of these country are the ones who need to change to let in with the good and out with the bad. And the only way to do that is to teach people their duties firsts and there rights second.

    And of course these people were always dangerous… But the danger was only amplified because of our own ignorance and arrogance. One should admit his or her mistakes in order to rectify them. Otherwise they just multiply and grow with time into a serious deficiency.

  6. “but they cant come out and protest against the drone attacks launched by the Pakistani army on tribal areas”

    it seems you do not follow. The “mazhabi” jamats and civil society members who protested for CJ also came out against drones attack.

  7. @ Safi
    totally agree with you on this dude

    @ Ummi
    i never heard of a ‘long march’ and a ‘dharna’ in front of the parliament against the drone attacks. all i have heard of have been some small protests with no effect at all.

  8. read what you said yourself:

    ““but they cant come out and protest against the drone attacks launched by the Pakistani army on tribal areas””

    long marhc kaha se beech me agaya and yes Jamat Islami have done several marches in karachi and here and there against American operations.

  9. “a few marches here and there”…do they make a difference? and btw, is jamat e islami the only party in pakistan. y dont u read again, i was talking about all the leaders

  10. ok if you think that leaders are not coming out then why dont you come out on roads with your peers? why the hell we have to expect every thing from those corrupt politicians? where’s the power of Awam now?

    we have old habit that we ourselves do nothing and expect others to take every initiative. This habit should be changed now.

  11. do i have the money rolling in like the Shrif brothers? they can use the money to pressurize zardari for their own personal advantage..but they wouldnt for this.
    Btw, there was no awami power. The awam has no power. It was being supported by all the political leaders….the awam that was on the roads mainly comprised of paid political activists.

  12. We all love bollywood-style-happy-endings…and this saga had a similar culmination: shahbaz sharif is back in the office and Bait ullah Mehsood has accepted the responsibility…while the government still hasnt even given out the exact number of attackers….Ha, dont we just love the thriller which is getting so predictable!!
    Anway, here’s a really good article on BBC.

    @ Ummi
    🙂 we have agreed to disagree so we’l continue doing that

    @ Vaqas
    gosh, that sounds scary! Alhamdulillah u are alright

    @ Sumera
    exactly….the twists and turns have become too predictable like a run-of-the-mill-masala-flick

  13. Its not just about doing long march. Tell me any good platform where you protested against these attacks. Trust me including myself neither of us did that.

    See even Shariif brothers had to come out on the roads to ask for what they wanted.. and now since they are restored.. its is pointless to blame them for not continuing the protest for the aforementioned attacks.

    Not exactly getting hyper up like Ummi, but yes my dear blogger, Ummi is correct at one point of time when he tells us that … we aren’t helping our self and how are we expecting about the things to get change.

    We break our laws our self, we don’t save electricity, we don’t pay taxes, we don’t keep cleanliness around our houses, we don’t cast our votes, we don’t speak up for the right things…

    I am amazed with lots of don’ts…. the question that arouses in my mind is what actually do we DO except writing a blog post and commenting on some other blogs. And we still expect things to get changed not in 1 night time but may be in few years.

    Trust me if this attitude of ours continued, then there is no question that even next 50 years would be of no use and the situation will remain the same.
    Rab Rakha

  14. talking about small changes that you have pointed out, i can only change myself and not coerce others to do the same. As for myself, I dont break traffic rules, I save electricity by not using air conditioners unnecessarily, in fact u mite be amazed to know that we do not even have a deep freezer and altho some of my family members (my cousins) were advocating slowing down of the meters cuz of rising rates, we have very strongly opposed it, our mohalla is clean and that is a collective effort of our mohalla, I dont throw out trash from my window while driving and I also went out to cast my vote (which also gives me the right to question the democratically elected leaders). In addition to that, there are certain things which I do on a daily basis but I dont want to talk about them right now….so my brother for me it is not just about writing a blog post and commenting on some other blogs, i do go an extra mile every day and as I am a teacher, I know I can at least inspire some young people to follow a few good things that I can inculcate in them.
    And yes, I totally agree that we all need to play our part…responsibly.

  15. Leena,

    Its now about I do this, I do that etc its about how are you influencing people of doing the same. If your cousin’s are slowing down the meter then you should report it to the related authorities, should’nt you?.

    Yes you are saying that you do all that but who knows you do it? and if you do it then its good for you. Its very easy to point out problems in Pakistan but we fail to admit that Pakistan has all those problems because of the awaaam which we are part of as well. We have brought Pakistan to where it is. Not the political leaders etc.

    To do a protest or to launch a movement what you only need is courage, dedication and sense of direction. You dont need money for it. If money was needed to ask for your rights and freedom then Pakistan wouldnt have come into being at the first place. Nearly all the voters in Pakistan vote for their favourite party on the basis of language, origin and personal influences. The truth is none of them deserve the vote. They deserve to be flushed out of our system.

    Pakistan’s real problem is Pakistani’s no one else. If we dont change collectively and stand for the good and fight to defeat the evil then Jingoist is right we will be still here in next 50 years….

  16. so, if money is not required to protest, then lets do something about it. Why wait? I am all for it. In fact, we could all perhaps come up with something useful. I have put up a poll, we can all brainstorm. Just saying that I am not doing enough for Pakistan will not help either. I am looking forward to some mature discussion.

  17. @Leena: You definitely like brewing up a storm, dont you? And by the looks of it you are quite good at it…

    @ Ash and other guys… Tou tum log billi ke gale main ghanti bando ge? If I was nt a cynic I ‘dagree with you…. but since I m, so lets have at it. Shall we?

    So your first statement itself is wrong to the core, Pakistani’s are Pakistan’s problem? Well are nt you guys Pakistani’s? Or were you sent from heaven?

    No Pakistani’s are not and were never Pakistan’s problem… If that is the case, I would say everyone is doing a pretty good job at eliminating the problem, are nt they? Putting guns on the street and killing more people.

    Pakistan has tangible and very serious problems like illiteracy (Not as far as academics is concerned, There is no ethics or civics taught to the people.) Then there is extreme poverty. Then there is class and ethnic segmentation and the list only grows.

    And you know what, there is poverty and illiteracy in India too, even more so. Ever care to think how they are rectifying that? Believe me if you mitigate these factor by just ten percent you ll make a difference. But I guess you would want to be in UK cuz your ‘rizq’ is written there and you are helpless to come home and work for your beloved ‘Pakistan’.

  18. Leena,

    I didnt say you are not doing enough. I said the word I needs to change. You know what you mentioned about your cousin why dont you start by reporting them. By identifying other such misuse of things that will help wont it?


    Why do you always have to winge about me being in U.K? To serve Pakistan one doesnt have to be in Pakistan. Service for the homeland can be done in many ways.

    You disagree with my first statement, then tell me are Leena’s cousin not Pakistani’s ? are other people who use kunda system, do bribery, look for short cuts in Pakistan instead of doing things through the proper channel ? They are Pakistani’s and they are the termite eating Pakistan…

    Guns are on the street not becuase people are not educated , they are on the street it gives them a sense of power. Yes, illiteracy is one of the problem but its not the solution of every problem….

    Now you place an example of India. Saif, they have a foreign policy of showing a better India to the outer world and that way they get more done. You know people here in the U.K were shocked to see the India shown in slumdog millionaire. Being in Singapore you must have witness some outrage by Indians there as well. I went to India last year and met this guy from the slums and you know what he said to me. He said India is their “Taj Mahal”…And Pakistani’s say Pakistan aisa hai waisa hai etc etc. Identifying the problems is fine but who will deal with them ? People will deal with it and they need to through it out of their system the short cuts, the wrong doing. If today people start paying the bills properly then there wont be loadshedding because WAPDA etc will have funds in access rather than funds in negative….

    And yeah its the same awaam which votes and brings the crooks back…isnt it? or that is some magic. Pakistani’s are eating up Pakistan with all the joy and fun and they say Pakistan has problems.

    At our end, our media looks the media is doing the opposite. They are constantly potraying the wrong image of Pakistan. They somehow ignore the healthier side of Pakistan. Problems are in every country but when those problems are advertised negatively and not addressed properly then that becomes a problem.

    Jeez man! grow up and look at the real problems….

    P:S there is a rally being arranged soon in protest of things like these be part of it……

  19. Report? Where? To whom?
    In fact, this reminds me of an incident which is quite sad. There’s an Indian family living in our neighborhood…without Pakistani nationality. They havent even applied for it. They very proudly tell everyone that their visa has expired. One of my neighbors reported that and guess wat, nothing happened. There was not a single cop at their place to even ask why they were not applying for an extension! Now these people seem to be a very normal family (a couple and their 2 daughters and a son)…but who knows, they might be RAW agents. Obviously maathey per thori likha hota hai. Now, there is a retired army officer in our neighborhood who had to use his contacts (again something illegal, police should be taking action on its own rather than being forced by influential people or being bribed) and then there was slight movement. The last I heard, there was police mobile outside their place a few days ago, just asked them a few questions and went away. That Indian family is now thinking (note that they are still only thinking, they havent applied as yet) of applying for nationality….although a serious action should have been taken against them.
    As for taking part in protests, I dont need to be vocal about it and although I am a huge fan of Musharraf, I have been a part of quite a few rallies that were held in Karachi against Musharraf wen he imposed emergency.

  20. “are other people who use kunda system, do bribery, look for short cuts in Pakistan instead of doing things through the proper channel ? They are Pakistani’s and they are the termite eating Pakistan…”

    Dude! People ARE actually POOR in Pakistan… what do you expect? They are going to lie and steal.

    “Guns are on the street not becuase people are not educated , they are on the street it gives them a sense of power.”

    Nope, guns are on the street because there is no one there to get them off the street, There is no one to uphold the law…. People will defend themselves even by wrongful means. What do you expect? They are people, not angels!

    Hehehe… WAPDA getting bills? Good luck with that now that the whole world is in recession! Buddy… India has much much more poverty than we do! I agree with you on that! But they also have a firm foriegn policy, and they are way ahead in their technology! Hell, they are commercializing the SLV (Satelite launch Vehicle) Project! They sent a RUSSIAN satellite up there for Godesakes!

    Dude! You should come back the stand up in elections and I ll vote for you… otherwise my choices remain Zardari or Altaf Bhai! And so does the rest of the Pakistan’s. Hell even if you just get a Police with guts I ll be happy. Have you ever seen what happens at the polling booths???! Vote? What vote?! Yeah, and these same people bring out the best in people like Mustafa Kamal and Naimatullah Khan.

    Sorry? Healthier side? Excuse me? There is a whole side? Guess it must be the Pakistan you have in UK!

    Duhuhude! Grow up and ‘solve’ the real problems!

    (Call me when you want my vote!)

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