Weapons of Mass Destruction

I am sorry folks, I am still not being able to respond to the comments that you guys are leaving on my blog….busy with some stuff which I would talk about once I get back to blogging.

Right now, I just wanted to share something which I think is not only worth reading but also worth contributing to.


Pakistan in the 1950s: CAP is seeking interviews!

A message from the coordinator of CAP

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan is currently seeking Pakistanis who lived through the 1950s and would be willing to have their stories recorded as part of our Oral History Project.

CAP has been recording oral history since June 2008. Through the interviews, unbelievable stories have emerged of implausible acts of political strategy, as well as heart-warming accounts of courage and personal strength. Each interview is a record that encompasses the personal stories of Pakistanis involved in events that shaped our nation, the reminiscences of high achievers in their field or the everyday lives of those who witnessed the early years of our country and the memories of the nation at work and play. CAP’s Oral History Project is all-inclusive: Pakistanis from all walks of life are eligible to be interviewed. Our vision is to develop CAP as the foremost library and museum of Pakistani history, art, photography, culture, literature and artefacts demonstrating the strength and spirit of Pakistan from the citizen’s perspective.

Each interview is used to create a short film clip, which can be viewed on our website, http://www.citizensarchive.org. The audio-visual nature of the Project ensures that even if you are unable to read or write English or Urdu, you are still able to interact with the history of your nation and discover the roots of your identity.

If you would like to nominate a friend or member of your family for an interview and preserve their stories for generations to come, please email citizensarchive@gmail.com or call us on 0332 3392004.

Help Pakistan?

A few weeks back, we were trying to figure out what we could do to help Pakistan and a few of you thought that there is a lot that can be done (including me)….no good ideas came out and although I do have an ultimate dream of my life, this is for sure something we could help with: The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. Obviously, I will not recommend that you donate anything for the cause but you can surely do a lot otherwise. Have a look at their website, join em on FB and see for yourself what is there that you could help with.

The biggest dream of my life

I know that I did not add this in the list of 10 things I want to do before I die. I thought of doing that. But then I was already planning to write a post on this and that is why I started with the Iqra wali discussion a few months back.

I dont know whether Id ever be able to achieve this or not but this has been my dream since I was a young child. I always wanted to develop a Hi-Tech research center in Pakistan….specifically since the time I started reading about Bells Research Labs. You know, wouldnt it be just so cool to have our very own journal of International Standard, something like the ACM or the IEEE!

Khair, I think I am getting a lil carried away and better get back to the real reason. It is my faith that Allah (SWT) wanted man to study that he has created and come up with things that could benefit him, something which man has been doing for centuries. Whatever we might have achieved so far, the inspiration has always been the nature itself: Be it the aeroplanes or submarines, dams or the seemingly petty idea of camouflaging, the origin is nothing but Allah’s (SWT) design and artistry.

We all know that muslims have had a great victorious past not only in terms of military advantage but we have had some of the greatest mathematicians, philosphers and artists. Today, we are lagging behind in every field. We only talk about the golden era and that it should be brought back, completely forgetting that during those days technology was usually not defining the course of wars, strategy was usually more important and studying all the wars we can very well say that muslims were strategically correct in all the wars that we fought and also won. Secondly, the muslims were quick to adopt new weaponry and technology.* But look at us now. Its been two centuries since we last won decisively in a war.The reason is that now we are not only lagging behind in technology but also in strategy.

Looking at our academics side, have you ever noticed how hugely dependent we are on non-muslim sources? We hardly write our own books? When was the last time you picked up a book on a technical topic that was written by a Muslim author? I cant remember a single book. This is so shameful. Look at your system, do you know of any component (hardware or software) that was developed by Muslims? None that I can think of. So many of the luxury items that we have now started considering a our basic needs from the television to our cell phone, they have all been developed by non-muslims too. What do we do? Boycott the products which we do not consider as bare necessities and keep using the ones which we consider as bare necessities (convenient boycotting!)? Torch their flags on the streets of Karachi, ending the demonstration with burning down the nearest KFC killing 6 innocent young men (who also happen to be the sole bread earners for their families)? Keep day dreaming that Allah (SWT) is on our side and if we will throw an onion towards a fighter jet, it will become an anti-aircraft missile? Or try to come up with something of our own to truly compete with them?

*There are two incidents that I would like to quote here:

1. The trenches were a concept used in Turkey Persia during wars and was completely alien to arabs. The Prohet (SAW) adopted the idea tactfully during ghazwa-e-khandaq.

2. The Arab Muslims had never seen elephants and once in Persia and thus the muslims did have a setback initially. The muslims were quick to adapt and found a way to overcome the beast during the war. It wasnt long before the elephants were being used as tanks in wars by Muslim armies.