Swords of the Caliphs

I got this as a forwarding today.

These are the 4 original swords of first 4 Caliphs safe and securely placed in national museum, Istanbul turkey.


From top to bottom:
The First Caliph,HAZRAT ABU BAKAR SIDDIQ (R.A) (632-634 A.C.)
The Second Caliph, HAZRAT OMAR BIN KHATTAB (R.A) (634-644 A.C.)
The Third Caliph, HAZRAT USMAN BIN AFFAAN (R.A)(644-656 A.C.)
The Fourth Caliph,HAZRAT ALI IBNE ABI TALIB (R.A) (656-661 A.C.)

Note: The sword of Hazrat Ali (RA) in this picture is not Zulfikar, this is a ceremonial sword of him when he was elected to be the Caliph of Islamic Empire.


9 thoughts on “Swords of the Caliphs

  1. Well as mentioned above, it was forwarded to me. However before posting it here, i conformed with one of my colleagues (he is a graduate from Turkey) if these are really swords of the Caliphs. According to him, these are, indeed, the swords of the four caliphs, placed at the Topkapi Museum. The Topkapi museum also has a Quranic scripture commonly known as the “Quran of Usman (RA)” often wrongly interpreted as having belonged to Hazrat Usman (RA)by its visitors altho the museum does not claim that anywhere.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pic of swords with us. Can anyone tell me where is the Zulifqar Sword and what type of sword it is?
    I have heard that Hazrat Abu Bakr Sadique’s sword was decorated withgems is it true?

  3. @ Swords
    first of all, welcome to the blog.
    Now coming to your questions on Zulfiqar-e-Ali:
    There is actually no mention of Zulfiqar in Sahih Bukhari or Muslim. Tabari does talk about it but we need to keep this in mind that Tabari was a historian, he was not a katib for hadith or wahi. According to the common belief (mostly derived from Shia sources), Zulfiqar was brought down by Archangel Jibrael (AS) and handed over to Hazrat Ali (RA) praising his bravery in the Battle of Uhud. It is also believed that Zulfiqar was used by Iman Hussain (AS) in the battle of Karbala and that cannot be touched by anyone other than the 12 Imams and thus, it is now with Imam Mehdi. As I do not know of any Sunni sources which talk about Zulfiqar, I cannot really cross check it.
    As for Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq’s (RA) sword, I have no knowledge of that. All that I know is that he was not really a warrior and he was a very modest man who despised any display of wealth. Thus, I do not think that his sword would have been decorated with gems. Wallah-u-Alam.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing, about Zulfiqar. As told by my grandfathers (we are descendants of Hz. Ali)
    Mohammed (s.a.a.w) handed Zulfiqar to young Ali at the battle of Uhud. Ali took the sword and with one strike broke the helmet and shield of his adversary. Seing this Mohammed said”There is no hero as Ali, and no sword then Dhu l Fiqar (Zulfiqar). Yust as told by my grandfathers to theire sons. I am not saying this is the way it went. Yust sharing.

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