Help Pakistan?

A few weeks back, we were trying to figure out what we could do to help Pakistan and a few of you thought that there is a lot that can be done (including me)….no good ideas came out and although I do have an ultimate dream of my life, this is for sure something we could help with: The Citizens Archive of Pakistan. Obviously, I will not recommend that you donate anything for the cause but you can surely do a lot otherwise. Have a look at their website, join em on FB and see for yourself what is there that you could help with.


22 thoughts on “Help Pakistan?

  1. Just wanted to add something:
    Donations to CAP cant be from zakaat anyway so even if you would like to donate something that would be in addition to zakaat and sadqa

  2. one can not help Pakistan by sitting in front of PC and talk in Cyberpace. There are several unsung heroes who have already been doing a lot for Pakistan yet they do not advertise themselves.

  3. Oh really? Maybe they are ‘unsung’ cuz their efforts were so half cocked and unplanned that they ended up in failure! I admit talking in cyberspace aint good to anyone, seems like actions, real actions aint good to anyone wither!

    Its a loosers excuse that ‘we are doing everything in our power’! I think I said this before.

  4. @safiullah: I dont think its a loser’s excuse. Everyone is capable of ruling one’s ownself in one’s sphere. If we correct our own doings .. collectively it’ll make a difference. People dealing with you will either leave you or be with you … it DOES make a difference 🙂

  5. Yeah… and whose going to get the collective to do something??? Face it, IT IS a Loser’s excuse! We dont want to make the effort and we are nt at the precipice to have to make the effort.

    What make a difference is the actually difference, not our concept of ‘qatra qatra bane ga sumandar!’

    Agar qatra qatra bane ga samander to inte qatre le ke aao pehle! Otherwise we are all bullshitting each other about the ‘difference’.

    This does nt mean that I m condemning anyone who tries to does something for the community with good intentions at heart, His or her intentions maybe good but it takes a lot more to pull of a ‘difference’. And he or she should realize that, and not expect a grand scheme of things to just happen all by themselves.

  6. Wow, the citizens archine has a site; I did NOT know that! And a great site at that. I’ll see what I can contribute too! Thanks, Karachiwali/ Leena 🙂

  7. @ Asma
    i wish there are more people making small positive changes in their lives every day

    @ americanising desi
    Pakistan was never about watever has happened in the past 60 years.
    We are still unsure whether Pakistan was made for muslims to practice Islam freely or for one brand of Shariah implementation on gunpoint

    @ Safi
    yea Safi, we know, koi ghanti nai bandhey ga 😛

    @ Specs
    Welcome to the blog Specs. CAP aint really asking much…we all know how our grand parents came to Pakistan and about their sacrifices, at least we can help record that for our future generations

  8. Pick a theme and stick with it… Or are you going to act like a five year old with a remote control in hand?!!!

    I say it as I see it, I know not many people would ever agree with me. So what?!

  9. Hope and pray that the country comes out of its difficult days, and gets on to the fast track of progress, which means there is peace and comfortable lifestyle for all people.

  10. Musharraf was not a Taliban. He alwyas promoted himself as a secularist and Ataturk fan but he has not defamed Islam and Pakistan lesser than Talibans who are always blamed for every crap happen on Pakistani soil. After all we love to play in hands of media. 🙂

  11. did I say that I think Taliban == Fanatics?
    I have a very different view of the Talibans, very different from most people. The only two views about Talibans thats most people have is that either people think of them as extremist militants or complete angels out to implement shariah, my view is neither of these….would surely blog about it some time. Right now I am very busy to be writing something of my own.

  12. haaha. Most probably you are fan of Musharraf that’s why you are burrying your head in sand.

    True media is always baised but then there are few things which one can’t ignore. For instance he and his son involvement of handing out Aafia Siddiqui,killing of millitants+hundreds of kids at Lal Masjid. Illegal land grabbing. One of the land he got is his current residential place. Mistreating women during CJ saga and many more. Considering him a innocent is just like Jiyalas consider “shaheed” an angel and we stupid Pakistanis usually ignore the sins of those who we love or worship that’s why we are easily screwed up[sorry for lingo]

  13. hey..I hope you do agree that we as individuals do defame Islam too. You are part of a University and I am sure you would have seen these so called “Islamic” guys and girls in Hijabs and beareds busy in dating with opposite sex. I hope you will not say that it’s all media crap 🙂

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