Pakistan in the 1950s: CAP is seeking interviews!

A message from the coordinator of CAP

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan is currently seeking Pakistanis who lived through the 1950s and would be willing to have their stories recorded as part of our Oral History Project.

CAP has been recording oral history since June 2008. Through the interviews, unbelievable stories have emerged of implausible acts of political strategy, as well as heart-warming accounts of courage and personal strength. Each interview is a record that encompasses the personal stories of Pakistanis involved in events that shaped our nation, the reminiscences of high achievers in their field or the everyday lives of those who witnessed the early years of our country and the memories of the nation at work and play. CAP’s Oral History Project is all-inclusive: Pakistanis from all walks of life are eligible to be interviewed. Our vision is to develop CAP as the foremost library and museum of Pakistani history, art, photography, culture, literature and artefacts demonstrating the strength and spirit of Pakistan from the citizen’s perspective.

Each interview is used to create a short film clip, which can be viewed on our website, The audio-visual nature of the Project ensures that even if you are unable to read or write English or Urdu, you are still able to interact with the history of your nation and discover the roots of your identity.

If you would like to nominate a friend or member of your family for an interview and preserve their stories for generations to come, please email or call us on 0332 3392004.


11 thoughts on “Pakistan in the 1950s: CAP is seeking interviews!

  1. Thank you so much for all your support for CAP 🙂 I love that you put up the ‘Call for interviews from the 1950s’ – we’ve been getting a lot of feedback from people who want their grandparents etc interviewed.
    A big shout-out from the CAP team!

  2. @ Sanam
    thanks for dropping by..and hey, creating awareness is the least that we can do for CAP! 🙂

    @ Safi
    u dont have to wait to be back to Pakistan to put your granny in. i am thinking of nominating my nani and a few ‘rishtey key’ dada/dadis too.

  3. I just visited CAP site. Is his not another Western Funded NGO like others who always up to support things which involve Islam?

    I ask because I find SHANKHT link on it and I know it’s run by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy who is another wannabe liberal who always make movies against Shariah and Islam with the help of money she got from US and Canadian orgs who often feeds the ORGs who can take part to promote anti-Islamic Agenda. Google about Sharmeen and you will find her lame one sided view about Shariah and Talibans in movies.

  4. I dont view anything as completely white or completely black. The same goes for people. The oral history project is a great idea in its own..and I will support it as much as I can.
    As for Shanakht, it was a great idea too but the organizers made a huge mistake by thinking that Pakistanis could digest a picture that would be showing BB alongwith Zia ul Haq.

  5. @Leena: Noone has asked you to stop supporting them. I expressed my concern with the reason which is quite legitimate for me because I might know few members of them more than you. Who knows? 😉

    And I remember few months back you were saying that you don’t have trust in NGOs.

  6. “I dont view anything as completely white or completely black.”

    once you said this during private email conversation too and I ignored for some reasons but since you have mentioned it again, allow me to answer your theory.

    If someone abuses your mother or dad on a public forum and talks crap and make false or even true accusations, how will you feel? will you feel good or bad? will you react and reply that person (e.g: by hitting the person hard or swear him back)? or you will show the decent side of yours by staying calm(but keep grudges inside). I know no matter how much you try to hide, the answer will be NO. You will try your best to avoid that person or group of people who abused your parents althought they were involved in some good stuff because you know it well that in past they mistreated your parents. At that point you will not be applying your black n white theory on yourselves because your parents are most dearer to you than your viewes.

    Same thing works for me. I know how Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, one of the responsible of Shanakht, has been involved to defame Pakistan by making Pro-Westeren movies against Shariah,Madrassah and what not. I have watched those movies. Watching her movies and watching Fox are same. When I know that a person is involved in offending my religion then how can I accept the “lighter side” of the person while it’s not lighter at all? Khudana Khwasta, I am not saying you are lesser Muslim than me or anyone else, you might be much better Muslim but the point is priority. I am not a good Muslim but for me the religion is priority and I do try to avoid those who offend my religion. I might not be able to respond them but atleast I can avoid them? because like my parents my religion is also important for me. Think of yourself, if you swear someone’s mother or father, will it not be right for the person to abuse you back and give you bad dua or stay away from you? if that person forgives you then that would be the greatness of the person that he did not stoop to your level but if he retaliate then it’s his right!

    Don’t you know such NGOs are always fed by western aids? don’t you know how many of them are busy in activities which ain’t aligned to interest of Pakistan or Islam?

  7. @ Ummi
    I dont trust NGOs…and I still stand by it. That is why I mentioned it very clearly not to donate any money. But I dont see any harm in helping them in making an archive by talking to people who were living in 1950s. Their experiences are a treasure and we need to somehow store them. All I am doing is trying to help with that as much as I can. If you dont want to be a part of it, then you dont have to be.

    @ everyone
    As mentioned above and earlier too, thank you for all the comments that you guys are leaving here but I am sorry I wont be able to respond to your comment individually and/or frequently as I am very busy with certain things. I have a lot of deadlines to meet in the next few weeks.

  8. @leena: take your time as mch as you can. I know you would be busy but please do tell me about your examples of fanatics whenever you come back. I am really interested to know


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