I’m alive

I dont make ‘update’ posts on this blog anymore..why? A lot of you know why, if you dont then dont ask just go through the archives and try to find it out yourself. Kuch kaam bhi tou kero! šŸ˜›

But this one was kinda needed as I havent been responding to a lot of comments. So here goes the update on my life:

I am Alhamdulillah done with my paper and have submitted it too. Currently working on the next which is kinda a continuation of the first. I have a maximum of 45 to 60 days to wind this up so its kinda really tight. It also means I might not be very frequently updating the blog for a while more. But its not only about time. Im being too lazy and I dont know why I dont feel like blogging these days and as you might have noticed I am not visiting other blogs too much either.

Apart from that I have been arranging events every 3 to 4 weeks at work as usual. If I could work here a lil while more IĀ  might have thought of having my own Events Management Company in a few years from now….but hey, I think I can still manage a few events every now and then, especially the low budget ones cuz thats wat I have been trained to do in the past two years šŸ˜‰

Other than that…well just the usual: dinners, weddings, reading and what not. Oh here’s a funny incident…which aint exactly very funny, its kinda sad but just wanted to share it with everyone.

You guys might already know that I dont like going to weddings. Especially the ones where I practically dont know anyone. Food simply cant be an incentive as I am almost vegetarian. So, when I do have to go to such weddings, I try to avoid as much as I can. But, if it becomes utmost important, I end up going in a casual cotton suit.

So, I went to one such wedding last night and I was pretty much amused by one particular woman in her 50s who was sitting beside me the whole time. When I went and sat beside her, she stared at me from head to toe. I knew she was noticing the dupatta on my head. After a while, she started talking to me as if she had known me for ages…discussing other people’s dressing! Now, I do notice what others are wearing but I make it a point that I do not make fun of them because sense of dressing is something very personal. What I love wearing must be a complete fashion disaster for others.

Her: Oh, look at that girl in beige. Just notice the kaam on her sleeves. Its so gaudy.
Me: (I tried to smile) Yea, but I think she’s carrying it off well
Her: And the girl right beside her, she’s not wearing a dupatta!
Me: She’s wearing a huge scarf wrapped all around. Isnt that good enough.
Her: But still. I dont know whats wrong with girls these days.
Me: Ummm…but isnt her shirt really loose? And the scarf is covering her body quite well.
Her: So what? She should wear a dupatta.

After a while

Her: Did you see that girl in capris?
Me: Who? That one in pink with silver kaam?
Her: Yes, looking lovely.

So, a girl wearing capris with a really tight shirt and dupatta just barely there is looking lovely while a girl whose wearing a loose shirt with a scarf all around her head and body is not modestly dressed!

We chatted a lil while more and, lo and behold, we were soon talking about progress.

Her: You know, all of a sudden you can see women shaking hands with men at office, wearing sleeveless and all. People have become far more progressive now.
Me: Err…(thats progress? Thats wat women want? Really? I must be one of those near extinction then.)

She surely was quite entertaining. I hope I dont see her again.

Btw, what is the first thing that crosses your mind wen you see a hijabi?


Do more

Continued from the previous post. Obviously wat follows is merely my opinion based on wat I have read, seen and gone through. It will be a bit random as I am only trying to put everything in one single post.

After the death of the Prophet (SAW), the time of the Caliphate of Hazrat Omar (RA) is usually deemed to be the time wen the maqasid of sharia were being achieved although a lot of people had (and still have) reservations. Obviously, the best time has to be that of the Khulfa-e-rashideen but the other three Khulfa had to deal with many civil wars during their eras and most of the time we forget talking about their reforms and ‘good governance’. Since then, there has been no muslim ruler (Hazrat Omar (RA) hated to be called a ruler, he preferred the modest Ameer-ul-momineen) who has been able to achieve even a fraction of that.

Today, as we see the world, it is a shame that it is in fact the Scandinavian countries that come close to achieving the maqasid of sharia. Obviously they have laws that permit vulagrity, illegitimate live-in couples and so on so forth but they value life and the government protects their right to be allowed to practice the religion they belong to, to get free education, to get opportunities of employment and to get their wealth and property protected (arsonists dont go around burning other people’s property there).

Challenging the writ of the State

Soon after the death of the Prophet (SAW), the Ridda Wars broke out because Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq’s (RA) Caliphate was not accepted and the writ of the State was challenged. The issue got so heated up that there was no option but to go on war.

Although there were lot more misunderstandings in the coming years, the writ of the state was once again challenged in a brutal way during Jang-e-Siffin by a group of people who were known to be very pious Muslims but in fact ended up calling Hazrat Ali (RA) kafir. This whole issue led to Jang-e-Neherwan and later shahadat of Hazrat Ali (RA).

Today, the writ of the state is being challenged in the worst manner. I dont like the government and it is their mistakes that its all come so far.

It is important to understand that everyone sporting a beard is not someone who has the authority to implement a sharia. The Prophet (SAW) has very clearly talked about such people: “There would be a group of people among you who would recite the Book but it will not go beyond their throats, they would pass through teachings of the Deen as an arrow passes through the prey. They would kill the followers of Islam and spare the idol-worshippers.” [Sahih Muslim]

Zaid Hamid on Operation Rah-e-Haq

PS: I am not a Zaid Hamid fan and I do not necessarily agree with everything that he says but I think he has summed it up quite well in the video

Maqasid al-Sharia

Ibn-e-Maryam hua kare koi
Mere dukh ki dawa kare koi

I know I am bad with the shairi thing and most probably I have gotten the shair above wrong, apologies for that, but thats not the point of the post. The point of the post is to talk about the self-proclaimed sualiheen aka holy beings aka messiahs aka Talibans.

But before talking about Taliban and whether we like em, support em or not, i think its important to understand what the buzz word, Sharia, is all about.

Now this will obviously be a summary and/or an introduction to the topic and will not include a lot of minute details.


The word Sharia itself has been used only once in the Qur’an [45:18] and can literally be translated to mean ‘way’ or ‘path.’ It is the legal framework (based on fiqh) for the private and public lives of Muslims providing laws for politics, economics, family, hygiene and several social issues. (Do read The Comparison with the Common Law here)

The objectives of Sharia

The law was basically developed for the falah of the people, both in this world and in the hereafter and thus include all aspects of life.

  1. Protection of Religion: To protect the freedom of practicing religion, specifically the 5 basic pillars of Islam. To provide basic health facilities so as to enable all to undertake activities of physical ibadat (includes marriage at appropriate age) and help people in earning halal rizq.
  2. Protection of Life: To promote meditation through salaat (mental relaxation) and physical health through medical facilities and exercise. Family health to be protected through laws on quarantines during epidemics and the isolation of persons with contagious disease. This category also includes laws of revenge, qisas andhomicide.
  3. Protection of Progeny: To provide medical facilities to the females to ensure a healthier society. This category also includes the laws related to marriage (the contract itself), divorce, custody of children, adoption, inheritance and also illegitimate relationships (zina) and the children that might be born as a result of such relationships.
  4. Protection of The Mind: To provide services that would provide mental peace and laws that keep people away from alcohol, drugs and other addictive habits. This may include a lot of laws that govern the economical condition of the society (poor economic condition can lead to mental imbalance) and false accusations.
  5. Protection of Wealth: To facilitate people in ensuring proper usage of their zakaat. This category also includes laws about financial independence of women and regulations about property, trade, preservation of property rights and the punishments for stealing.

Do we know of a country that protects religion, life, progeny, mind and wealth?

Weapons of Mass Destruction II

Just a quick post.

I have been thinking of writing a post on my opinion on Talibans and how I view them…Here are two posts that I think have been very well written and although might not be depicting my view completely, they come really close. I do not necessarily agree with each and everything in these posts.

  1. The first one is by minerva and is just based on her FB updates and her conversation with someone on FB.
  2. The second one comes from across the border and looks at the Pashtuns, their roots, culture and how the Talibans used that for their advantage.