Weapons of Mass Destruction II

Just a quick post.

I have been thinking of writing a post on my opinion on Talibans and how I view them…Here are two posts that I think have been very well written and although might not be depicting my view completely, they come really close. I do not necessarily agree with each and everything in these posts.

  1. The first one is by minerva and is just based on her FB updates and her conversation with someone on FB.
  2. The second one comes from across the border and looks at the Pashtuns, their roots, culture and how the Talibans used that for their advantage.

8 thoughts on “Weapons of Mass Destruction II

  1. i have lost ur email address. need to talk to you about something.

    @ your post
    the Talibans are weapons of Mass Destruction. They are being used by several agencies against Islam and people do not realize that.

  2. oh well i think he’s just trying to say that its an easy way out…just linking to other people’s posts rather than writing something on my own šŸ™‚

  3. thanks for linking this.. unfortunately, as you may note, there are some people who heartily defend the Taleban, despite their stupidity.

    .. and by their, I refer to the Taleban’s.

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