I’m alive

I dont make ‘update’ posts on this blog anymore..why? A lot of you know why, if you dont then dont ask just go through the archives and try to find it out yourself. Kuch kaam bhi tou kero! 😛

But this one was kinda needed as I havent been responding to a lot of comments. So here goes the update on my life:

I am Alhamdulillah done with my paper and have submitted it too. Currently working on the next which is kinda a continuation of the first. I have a maximum of 45 to 60 days to wind this up so its kinda really tight. It also means I might not be very frequently updating the blog for a while more. But its not only about time. Im being too lazy and I dont know why I dont feel like blogging these days and as you might have noticed I am not visiting other blogs too much either.

Apart from that I have been arranging events every 3 to 4 weeks at work as usual. If I could work here a lil while more I  might have thought of having my own Events Management Company in a few years from now….but hey, I think I can still manage a few events every now and then, especially the low budget ones cuz thats wat I have been trained to do in the past two years 😉

Other than that…well just the usual: dinners, weddings, reading and what not. Oh here’s a funny incident…which aint exactly very funny, its kinda sad but just wanted to share it with everyone.

You guys might already know that I dont like going to weddings. Especially the ones where I practically dont know anyone. Food simply cant be an incentive as I am almost vegetarian. So, when I do have to go to such weddings, I try to avoid as much as I can. But, if it becomes utmost important, I end up going in a casual cotton suit.

So, I went to one such wedding last night and I was pretty much amused by one particular woman in her 50s who was sitting beside me the whole time. When I went and sat beside her, she stared at me from head to toe. I knew she was noticing the dupatta on my head. After a while, she started talking to me as if she had known me for ages…discussing other people’s dressing! Now, I do notice what others are wearing but I make it a point that I do not make fun of them because sense of dressing is something very personal. What I love wearing must be a complete fashion disaster for others.

Her: Oh, look at that girl in beige. Just notice the kaam on her sleeves. Its so gaudy.
Me: (I tried to smile) Yea, but I think she’s carrying it off well
Her: And the girl right beside her, she’s not wearing a dupatta!
Me: She’s wearing a huge scarf wrapped all around. Isnt that good enough.
Her: But still. I dont know whats wrong with girls these days.
Me: Ummm…but isnt her shirt really loose? And the scarf is covering her body quite well.
Her: So what? She should wear a dupatta.

After a while

Her: Did you see that girl in capris?
Me: Who? That one in pink with silver kaam?
Her: Yes, looking lovely.

So, a girl wearing capris with a really tight shirt and dupatta just barely there is looking lovely while a girl whose wearing a loose shirt with a scarf all around her head and body is not modestly dressed!

We chatted a lil while more and, lo and behold, we were soon talking about progress.

Her: You know, all of a sudden you can see women shaking hands with men at office, wearing sleeveless and all. People have become far more progressive now.
Me: Err…(thats progress? Thats wat women want? Really? I must be one of those near extinction then.)

She surely was quite entertaining. I hope I dont see her again.

Btw, what is the first thing that crosses your mind wen you see a hijabi?


12 thoughts on “I’m alive

  1. have you uploaded the other one?
    you are always missed btw.
    i usually do wish you are more frequent with postings.

    you write terrific 🙂
    is the heat beatin you down?

    it sure has affected me!

  2. “What I love wearing must be a complete fashion disaster for others.” as long as you carry it off brilliantly!

    you rock at it!

    i bet you do 🙂

  3. i’m alive too

    btw…i forgot the link to your other blog – lost it … and cant go n find it in the archives…..so jst send the link, por favor (that is, if u still hv that blog :P)

    u shudve posted the pics of the girls u mentioned too…:P

  4. @ AD
    awww so sweet *hugs*
    i sure will try to update the blog more frequently but i just need to get a few things done 🙂

    @ Anas
    where are u dude!? Done with exams?
    as for the other blog, its on the links on the right: My reflection

  5. @ jingoist
    wat is with you guys, man! 😛
    Anas wanted pics of those girls and u want to know wat that aunty was wearing! khair she was a ‘hip’ aunty…wearing capris

    @ Yousuf
    lol, dont we all love gossip 😛

  6. What do I think when I look at a hijabi?

    Nothing really. I don’t judge people based on their outward appearance. Some hijabis can be total sweethearts and some can be total nutcases. Hijab has little to do with it.

  7. precisely! the attire of a person is a very personal choice (as long as it is according to the norms and not odd). I just dont understand why people have to judge others according to how they look or what they wear

  8. It is easy for women to dress up modestly and very difficult for men to lower their gaze. Lets face it, it can be really tempting at times.
    As one of my ex-colleagues would say, pray for them hijabis for they prevent you from glancing side ways.

  9. I agree, though Hijaab makes you look modest but seriously, it has nothing to do with your inward modesty. I think, Hijaab is now becoming a way to keep your hair from coming to your face… (or is that what only I have observed…)

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