Stand up for the champions

Be it Amir’s first magical over, Razzaq’s initial 3 blows to the Sri Lankans or Afridi’s responsible and mature inning….it was a match that all Pakistanis would fondly remember for many many years to come.

As Afridi walked in after Akmal’s dismissal, I wished loudly that Afridi would make the winning run. I guess Allah (SWT) was listening and it didnt take long before the winning run was actually taken by him while Malinga appealed for a leg before. Afridi stood with arms wide open as the whole team sprinted towards and mobbed him. It was all like a dream.


Afridi: The Achillis of Team Pakistan

After the most unpredictable victory, Pakistan were crowned the new World Champions. And I gave them a standing ovation like millions of other Pakistanis all over the world.