Off the Wall

EDIT: I have edited this post to talk about MJ’s funeral

You dont have to be his fan to mourn his death. In fact, you dont have to be a fan of music at all to mourn his death.

The death of MJ marked the end of an era, an end to a phenomenon, an end to the life of the real celebrity, a musical genius, the true King of Pop.

I was dancing on his tunes before I started walking. Sadly, my children will never know who this man was.

He was an icon who had seen the worst in his life, his career marred by controversies, always coming back as a real hero. Lately there had been rumors that he had reverted to Islam, if that is true then he was not only accepted wholeheartedly by the people, he had been honored by Allah (SWT) too. If that is not true, he will still remain a worldly legend that people of the coming generations would look up to and admire.

He left too soon but his mortality has made him immortal.

EDIT: MJ’s funeral

I didnt watch the funeral. It was heart wrenching. I couldnt watch people converting MJ’s funeral into a concert. It was too much for me.

Just a while back, someone sent in MJ’s children’s pics and I got tears in my eyes. I dont know how these kids will cope with this. They are soo young and all this attention is completely new to them. MJ tried so hard to keep them away from the spotlight so that they would be able to lead a normal life….now he’s not here to help save his kids from this anymore.Ā  May Allah bless them.

R.I.P. Michael.


45 thoughts on “Off the Wall

  1. @ farooq

    @ Talha
    MJ was cheap himself…i dont think i would want my kids to watch Suleman Mirza who just makes it all cheaper šŸ˜›

    @ AD
    hmmmmmmm šŸ˜‰

    @ Anas
    yea, his death reminded me of a saying of Hazrat Ali (RA): Maine apney Rab ko apney iradon key tootney sey pehchana. All his plannings just couldnt compare with the plannings of the Lord above.

    @ Khurram
    i think it was more about being at the brink of bankruptcy. He had come out of the child molestation thing long ago.
    I would always admire him for his courage: he dared to succeed at a time wen the radio stations in the US did not even air songs by black artists. He proved so much to the world.

  2. @Awais: Wrong question mate. Where are you? How are you? What you up to? How are you holding up? Why are you? These are the questions you should be asking! šŸ˜›

  3. he was indeed great and about his Islam convert then i heard about it and saw on TV as well in 2008 that he converted to Islam i guess search on youtube may get you the result. he didnt changed his name that much except from Micheal to Mikael

  4. @ Talha
    same here man! not a single MJ song in my mp3 collection. but i have all hs albums on CDs and cassettes šŸ˜€ listening to his songs again and its all bringing soo many good and some bad memories of my childhood. i still remember how much i tried to learn moonwalking šŸ˜›

    @ MAK
    no issues šŸ™‚ and yea, where have u been!

    @ naveed
    welcome to the blog šŸ™‚

  5. I cant say that I m that sad… I was much more sad when Richard Wright passed away. Now I really cant have a reunited tour!

    As for MJ’s songs which he did with Eddie Van Halen and Slash.

  6. Sad, sad news. And to think Aamanna woke me up to tell me this news. Can you imagine – the first words in your ears after you’ve (barely) woken up are “Shanoo, MJ kat lia!” Imagine! :s

    Brilliant musician.. just brilliant!!! There’s just two people who can be credited with truly changing music for everyone – Elvis and MJ.

  7. @ Safi & Absar
    yar we didnt ‘see’ Elvis, MJ was always around in one way or the other. True, they both would always be remembered for having being the pioneers for so many things: music, style.
    When I first saw the news on CNN, it was more of a feeling of disbelief, very surreal. I just thought it must have something to do with his upcoming tour but wen I saw Jermaine, I just didnt know how to react.
    I am not even watching the funeral ceremony, i know ill start crying šŸ˜¦

  8. I know, I know… I’ve been listening stricty to MJ only for a couple days..
    HUGE artist yar… undoubtedly the greatest musical LEGEND we’ve seen in our lives!

  9. I left music long time back but MJ’s death brought it all back for me. I grew up having his music around me soo much soo that I proposed to my wife with “I just cant stop loving you”. Its very sad and even sad to watch his kids in this immense pressure of money matters, custody battles and people trying to share Jackson’s wealth. Insha Allah every thing will get better but MJ’s death made me feel like someone very close to my heart has died….
    Mj ruled, rules and will always rule.

  10. About Elvis, well Elvis wasnt really a trend setter whereas, MJ gave POP the real bost today all dance routines, music vid’s are there coz of MJ’s amazing work. Remember “Moonwalker” ?

  11. First off…. Dude! If you are saying Elvis was nt a trend setter, you are dead wrong!!! If MJ was the king of pop… Elvis was the KING!!! Heck everyone from Led zeppelin to todays boy bands are influenced by him!!!

    And this is me saying this! I HATE Elvis!!!

  12. @ Ash
    MJ will always be special for most people of our generation with so many memories attached to each of his songs

    @ safi
    lol….well its always the attempt of trying to leave music rather than having left music completely over night…..and i am sure u know exactly wat i mean here šŸ˜‰
    as for Elvis not being the trend setter, he surely was. Michael himself was inspired by Elvis. For me Elvis would always be someone who my parents simply loved so i have grown up listening to his music which means i do enjoy his brand of music but as I have said above, we never really saw him. he was dead much before we were born. as for MJ, we have grown up watching him, Thriller was already a huge hit all over the world before our births. we are after all the MTV generation and i guess i am yet to meet someone who doesnt know who MJ was and those who didnt know earlier, am sure, now know.

  13. @Saif
    did I say I have started to listen to music again? I meant MJ’s death has brought back loads of memories from my past. šŸ™‚

    Regarding Elvis, any a white lad, with a good voice and some moves could have done the same as what Elvis did. Whereas, a black boy, with talent and in those racist years of world could not have achieved what MJ did. In those times people werent inclined towards black musicians and MJ broke those boudaries and moved the barries and he opened the doors for a black music industries and he made his cast acceptable…That is the reason I said Elvis wasnt a trend setter. Micheal Jackson was, is and will always be who people will follows.
    Now no one sing in Elvis style but Micheal’s style is no embeded in music. šŸ™‚

  14. My point was, I love music, and I admit I listen to it, sure I dont blare it at full volume so that my neighbors start banging the walls, and I sure as hell dont want people to know about it. Allah knows we need to keep our sins a secret. But when asked I reply truthfully, I dont make a facade out of it, that I dont listen to music, and it is something devilish or some such, and then go about mourning some dead pop star!

  15. @ farooq

    @ safi
    i love music too and thats why i have been trying to leave music for the past 2 years and still havent been successful. u already know my love for certain genres of music. i was trying to say that I am just not one of those who would expect others to leave their habits over night like certain other people (u will find one very good example of such people visiting my blog quite regularly šŸ˜› ). As for being truthful, i guess thats what my problem is too. I am honest about my weaknesses. I admit that I have always enjoyed music and I still do although I do realize that it is not allowed in Islam and am making an attempt to leave it.

  16. Hmmmm, First off, the above comments were not directed towards any one yet everyone.

    As for not leaving something overnight…. I have seen people go cold turkey, and I have seen people going back to their addictions, the only truth is that the former love some belief so much that they can find resolve in it. Other who go back either falter to stand strong, or their beliefs failed them in the first place.

    In our case its the latter, and that is sad but true. Sorry to say we, dont believe in Islam as much as we want to or should, yet the white guy who just converted does. We make lousy excuses to justify our actions and let ourselves feel better about ourselves and our corroding beliefs and principles, heck we even modify them to our benefit! So yes, we are hypocrites, lets just not continue that hypocrisy to the point that we even deny this fact as well, that we are hypocrites.

  17. @saif, I am who I am and I do as much as I can for my belief’s. Truth is the only way forward as lying is like digging your own grave. About mourning MJ’s death so my friend he was also a humble human being who gave soo much in charity for him to die as a muslim or not is between him and Allah. He cant be just judged Its not just his music only…

  18. Holy !@#$%& crap!!! it has even been a month an the world has already turned a perverted dancer into a philanthroist!!! And are you really that gulible to really believe those rumors that he converted??? Sure, that still may remain between him and Allah, I ll give you that…. But really? Are we really at such a low that we will turn martyrs out of every tom, dick and harry that passes away, who did God knows what in their lifetime?

    Sure I ‘d be the first to put the past behind and let the guy live in piece, but this MJ fever in riddiculously absurd!!! Sure remember a musician for their music, and remember a martyr for their courage, but PLEASE DONT MIX THE TWO!!!!

    @farooqk: Safi no more on steroids! Sfi is on PCP!!! Haha

  19. Did I say I believed in rumours he converted?Let me write in urdu for your clear understanding…

    MJ ek acha insaan bhi tha jissnay bahut kuch kiya duniya kay ghareeb logoon kay liye. Woh musalmaan mara ho ya ghair muslim woh khuda ka aur uska maamla hai mera nahin….rahee baat “perverted” ki tu bacha uss per jurm sabit nahin hua tu tum uss per tuhmat nahin laga saktay. Meray khayal say tumhara koee dimaghi masla hai kay her baat ko tum ek bahut hi bachkana zawiye say sochtay hoo. Zindagi main thora thammul, sabar aur theraoo laoo pehlay baat ko socho, tolo aur phir bolo aisay ek damm say burr burr kernay say kuch hasil nahin hota….
    mainay MJ ko shaheed ka khitaab nahin diya mainay sirf itna hi kaha hai kay usnay paisa bhi kamaya aur jahaan jab zaroorat paree usnay ghareebon ki madat bhi ki…khair tumharay sath behes kernay ka koee faida nahin hai, shayad tum dimaghi mareez ho aur her kuch ko apni zaat per ley jatay hooo…..

    Allah Hafiz o Nasir!

  20. Like I said, if you had read carefully enough, I think I did say something about his current “dilemma” being an issue between him and Allah. Oh and you are right about one thing, I m insane, and I m an ass, and believe me you have nt seen me which I become a total psycho!

    And I too believe life is too short to establish ‘thairaao’ and all that jazz.

    So MJ was a ‘acha insaan’? Wow, he even gave to charity? Holy crap! I DID NT know THAT! How could I possibly? But wait dont every other rich person from goddamn Bill Gates to Zardari chuck out charity? Oh if this is the case would this make people like drug dealers and politicians saints? In my book, if someone gives out charity, that does make him a good person, it only makes him a person who wants to appear good. This does nt mean I think if he is a good person or not, It only means I hate it when people hype it up and make ordinary famous people into saints open their demise.

    As for MJ’s pervertness, I never even mentioned his child molestation charges, in my eyes, anyone who wants to change their skin color for no evident reason is probably either a pervert or has serious inferiority complex. So he maybe a good person by your definition, but I m not going to idolize or even like the guy anytime soon, no matter how great his music was.

    As for Allah being my Hafiz o Nasir, yeah He is that for all of us too, which would include the rest of humanity, and if we are at the point where we start remembering people for an amplified personality shown to us on media and then turn them into our idols and influences, then He certainly needs to be our Hafiz o Nasir, cuz if He leaves us to our own designs, we ll probably pack this toxic, dying world into a nice package and express post it to hell.

  21. aaaauuuwwww!!! somebody injected steroids straight into their brains šŸ˜€

    ive never heard of zardari giving charity! šŸ˜‰ and you really cant judge a person like that, how do we know one’s intentions!!

    one of the kids confessed that he was not molested by MJ, they ‘might’ve’ just accused him to make money!! wese, ppl sell their kids in hollywood, for sex.

    Also, MJ had a rare skin disease, he didnt just get the surgeries for nothing!!

    Chummmm oownn!!! šŸ˜€

  22. Zardari does give out charity… to his minions, and in some rare cases to a few deserving ones, he is nt all that popular in Sindh for nothing. Not that I m defending him.

    Rare skin disease? Really? Why did he turn white then? I m sure if he was so concerned about his skin color, he could have chosen black skin for after the surgery. And there is a difference between cosmetic surgery and medical surgery, you dont go to the same doctor for them.

    And when did I ever mention his kids or his molestation accusations? Yeah I cant be the judge of the intentions of a person giving out charity, but I still think the rich give out charity for three overlapping reasons, tax deductions, makes them look good and allow them to feel good about themselves. Sure there may be some altruistic concerns tucked away neatly somewhere, but the people who watch them giving turn those actions into something saintly. And upon their death especially, we turn them into some mesiah of sorts, and their are some numerous examples of this in history, especially recent history.

    Finally, if the rich especially those in hollywood had a heart for the poor in this world, I think they would nt have their rock star lifestyles, and be living somewhere in Africa really helping the people. You need an example of that? Look at Edhi, look at Steve Wozniak. These guys did nt just give their money to a cause, they gave up a life they could have had for a life they spent actually helping people. Want to turn saints out of someone? At least pick the ones who truely are saints, and not those who gave just because they could and thought they should just because they had extra.

    Frankly speaking this discussion for me was never about MJ at all!

  23. Now obviously the discussion on this post has gone in a direction i would like to stay away from but just wanted to mention a few things:
    – MJ was a great musician, the biggest entertainers of all times and that doesnt make him ‘necessarily’ a good human.
    – He was diagnosed with Vitiligo and lupus in 1986, both of which lead to skin decolorization due to pigmentation.
    – He had serious psychological issues cuz he had an ‘abnormal’ childhood. He always lived with an inferiority complex that people did not love him as a person and only see him as a personality with no feelings. He was a professional artist but as a person he was very immature and just never grew up. He lived in his fantasies and the amusement park/zoo in neverland is just an example of that. He was not confident of his looks and had 13 surgeries to have a better nose, jawline and so on so forth. Although in my opinion he was a very good looking man in early 80’s.
    – He was a drug addict and his family was planning to send him to a rehabilitation center.
    – Elvis was no ordinary singer. He was not just another white guy with a good voice and good moves. He was the pioneer of Rock N Roll. MJ followed his footsteps in music, was vocal about his liking for Elvis, had similar relationship issues and eventually even died the same way at nearly the same age: due to overdose of ‘prescription drugs’

  24. There is no doubt MJ was(is) an icon.

    Litmus Test: Even my 8 pass mom knows about him, and she doesn’t know about any other gora singer.

    In my farms, around 30 km from the nearest respectable civilization, people know about him šŸ˜›

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