I often think that why have we been unable to produce heroes…..or there are but we have gotten so pessimistic that we ignore them. So here I am trying to list down 62 heroes (in no particular order) which we I think we have produced in the last 63 years. We are after all the 6th largest nation in the world, 7th nuclear power of the world, have the Shandur Polo festival, have the largest deep sea of the world, have the largest bird sanctuary in Asia and yet I am not being able to list 62 heroes. Help me with the list, 14th August is a month away, it shouldnt be so difficult together.

  1. Abdul Salam (The only Nobel Laureate)
  2. Abdul Sattar Edhi
  3. Imran Khan (the man who led the team to win the worldcup…not the politician!)
  4. Jeved Miandad
  5. Wasim Akram
  6. Hanif Mohammed
  7. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan
  8. The boy who got 22 As in A-Level
  9. The girl who became Microsoft Certified at the age of 10 (The youngest now is an 8 year old)
  10. Jehangir Khan
  11. The blind cricket team that won the world cup for us
  12. The unsung heroes who worked selflessly helping victims of October 2005 Earthquake victims
  13. Waheed Murad (if you have seen the movies that he produced, you will know wat I mean)
  14. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
  15. Nazia Hassan
  16. Noor Jehan
  17. Mehdi Hassa
  18. Alamgir
  19. Junaid Jamshed
  20. Shoaib Mansoor
  21. Sohail Abbas
  22. Islahuddin Siddique
  23. The brave security guards who risked their lives to save thousands of lives at Marriot Hotel in Islamabad (42 out of 53 who died were employees of Marriot). The ones who died saving BB on October 18th attack and also the ones standing in the path of suicide bombers during on the 25th December attack on Musharraf.
  24. Meher Khalil Ahmed (The Bus Driver of SL Team during the Lahore attack)
  25. Mukhatara Mai (It takes guts to talk about all that happened to her!)
  26. Saima Ammar (A blind lady running an NGO in Karachi)
  27. Ahmed Faraz
  28. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  29. Ashfaq Ahmed
  30. Bano Qudsia
  31. Saadat Hasan Manto
  32. Pappu Saeein
  33. Mohammed Yousuf (World Snooker Champion)
  34. Mustafa Kamal
  35. Bushra Ansari-Moin Akhtar-Anwer Maqsood
  36. Fatima Suraiya Bajia
  37. Ismail Gulgee
  38. Ahmed Rushdi
  39. Dr. Mohammed Ali Shah
  40. Dr. Shamshad Akhtar
  41. Hasan Zaidi (Kara Film Festival)
  42. Mohammad Amin and the like
  43. Oh my God! I cant think of anymore!