Honest Confessions

Although I have done a post out of narcism which had so many confessions, I thought of taking up an interesting post on minerva’s blog as a tag few days back. Haris has now tagged me with something similar so I’ll just mix em both 🙂

Here’s the deal to do the Honest Tag:  tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don’t forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

Confessions of a Believer

  • I was born in a family which is half strictly barehlvi, half strictly deobandi. I am trying to find where I stand.
  • Asking questions about my beliefs make me a ‘nonbeliever’ in eyes of a lot of people. People can call me anything they want to, name calling only makes me more determined to find answers to my questions.

Confessions of a blogger

  • I started blogging for myself but I soon realized that a lot of people do read what I write. It did make me omit some of the content that I would love to have here but that still doesnt change the way I see a lot of things. Just spamming a particular post with negative comments, making personal attacks on me or any other reader of mine only makes me think of that commenter/stalker/spammer as a retard.
  • I have made a rule to myself that I will only allow bloggers to leave comments on my posts…cept for a few people who have been coming to my blog for a real long time.
  • I dont consider myself a writer and perhaps thats the reason why I find it so difficult to do the write ups for anything at all.
  • I have met some really wonderful people through this blog and I am glad that I opted to blog.

Confessions of a friend

  • The word friendship doesnt mean much to me anymore. I have been stabbed in the back so many times that I dont know how I still end up trusting people; I still trust people quite easily.

Confessions of a woman living in the 21st century

  • I know my weaknesses and although I complain about them a lot, I know I can handle things a lot of the things myself.
  • I check my emails at least 20 times every day.
  • Google is my wedding planner.

If you are reading it, you are tagged 🙂