Now wen Safi and farooq did this post, I didnt really take it too seriously. It was fun to read and even more fun to read the comments coming on it. Initially I didnt really plan to take it as a tag…at least not to be done alone but the minerva did one herself so I thought Id give it a try too. Mine would obviously wouldnt be as descriptive as Minerva’s, Im sorry I dont write so well and I am always short of words ( πŸ˜› ) so hopefully this should suffice. (I am only writing about ppl I consider my buddies so if you find something offensive about urself, dont expect an apology, buddies should be able to digest this. Wanted to add AD here but have known her for only a few months, so if i’l ever do a sequel of this, expect her to be in there. ):

  • Absar: Oh well, he’s one of the few guys who dont mind being called sweet. Is that enough to describe him? Ummm, I dont think so. He is one guy who u can expect do be doing tags, always in love and is sensitive enough to not only write poems and even watch (and enjoy!!) flicks from 50s. So in short, I kinda agree with Safi and farooq here πŸ˜›
  • Anas: He can surely be a lot like Absar at times…getting there but not completely there as yet πŸ˜› I always thought guys were supposed to disorganised and lazy. This boy plans everything years in advance and is also worried about his weight.
  • PD: I just love her. She’s humble, sweet and one of the nicest ppl I have come across in my life. Sanest of us all.
  • Mahwash: Takes her life very seriously. If she’s doing something, she has to be either really good at it or she wont be doing it. She has strong opinions about stuff and is not scared of being vocal about them, thus, either makes a lot of people simply hate her or just love her for wat she is.
  • Hira: Witty and crude. She is very honest and thats the best thing about her. If she doesnt like something, she’l say it on ur face.
  • Safi and farooq: They are both crazy and pretend to be wat they are not. But they are mature, sensitive ppl. They both know wat their problems are, even know the solution to their problem but they dont really seem to be doing much to solve em. They can be a lot of fun wen u want to have fun, they can be the best listeners wen u want someone to just listen to ur crap without really judging you and can give you great advises wen u are simply looking for sincere advises.


untitledI hated Dijkstra. I really did.

But soon after hisΒ  death in 2002 while I was only in the second year of my undergraduate degree trying to make sense out of the Dining philosphers problem, I started to search the various aspects of his life and realized how truly amazing he was. In merely 72 years, he gave so much to the world of computer science: be it the harmful effects of GOTO statements or the concept of Semaphores, we are all grateful to him for his generous contributions that he made, all of them neatly written by him with his ink pen. Isnt it just amazing that one of the greatest computer scientists of all time did not consider it ultimately important to use computers himself?

Today, on his 7th death anniversary, could you please pay homage to this great man by visiting this website and reading some of his greatest gifts to the beautiful world of computer science?