untitledI hated Dijkstra. I really did.

But soon after his  death in 2002 while I was only in the second year of my undergraduate degree trying to make sense out of the Dining philosphers problem, I started to search the various aspects of his life and realized how truly amazing he was. In merely 72 years, he gave so much to the world of computer science: be it the harmful effects of GOTO statements or the concept of Semaphores, we are all grateful to him for his generous contributions that he made, all of them neatly written by him with his ink pen. Isnt it just amazing that one of the greatest computer scientists of all time did not consider it ultimately important to use computers himself?

Today, on his 7th death anniversary, could you please pay homage to this great man by visiting this website and reading some of his greatest gifts to the beautiful world of computer science?


8 thoughts on “EWD

  1. Yeah! Great guy! Though I am surprised people even knew him while studying in second year computer science course in Pakistan! People there probably think Bill Gates single-handedly created the computers, at least those who know his name!

    People in Pakistan don’t know their firsts!

  2. @ farooq
    lol…u can be forgiven for not reading Djikstra 🙂

    @ safi
    i have the privilege of having teachers like Dr Nasir Tauheed who made sure that we knew who created the stuff we were studying. not to forget, Dr Tauheed himself is one of my favorite men in the world! 🙂

    @ Osama
    ill surely drop by

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