If you have known me for a while, I am sure you know that I am not a feminist. There are certain things that we have to live with and our gender is one of em…obviously unless u are a transgender.

Talking to a lot of working women (being one of em myself), I have often felt that working women tend to be in a far greater pressure, not only from ppl at work but also from the family, as compared to men. They not only have to fulfill their role at office but also have to take care of their parents, husbands, get pregnant and then also take care of their children, finally making it more difficult for them to be really Β good at each and everything, being guilty about it and finally creating even more pressure on themselves.

I just found a very interesting article which talks about this very same issue that women deal with literally every day of their lives. A must read.


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  1. Pressure eh? Like the same kind of pressure as those men who can’t find employment? πŸ˜‰ Everybody who doesn’t fulfill the social criteria feels the pressure. And that’s a global fact – just the social criteria changes (a little ;))

  2. and that’s exactly why i wanna stay home once i get married – at least for the first few months. and then if he’s rich, i’ll just run wtih my personal pursuits (community work – read socialising with like minded people over lunches at beautiful locations) OH YEAH!

    there’s a very good article on the idea of “double bind” that women experience at the work force as well – they have to break the glass ceiling but not overperform or become like men. they get knoced both ways. imagine that.

  3. @ farooq
    can i expect a better comment from you….hmmmm was better πŸ˜›

    @ Absar
    yar women dont need to take the pressure at all, obviously unless there’s a financial crisis…women put extra burden on themselves for no reason at all and thus their health suffers…its high time we realize that women nowadays are more depressed, stressed out and the family structure that once used to be managed amazingly by women is now nowhere to be seen

    @ mariyas
    sure darling, will do that in a day or two…great to see u after such a long time waise

    @ somethingtobe
    lol…so totally agree with you. i’l only work if i can really manage stuff both at home and work….if not, i am not going to put extra pressure on myself and start looking like a 60 year old in a few years πŸ˜›

  4. Well, actually, you dont have to be perfect at everything. You can choose the things you like doing and try being perfect in doing them. Obviously taking up more tasks than you can possible do will put up extra pressure on you…

  5. I’m a feminist. Though not a radical one (radical is something I could never be), I strongly believe that working women always have it tougher than non-working women. You’re absolutely right on that one.

  6. I’m not married as yet so there are some things in the article I can’t relate to, but I remember when my sister and nephew came to visit me once, I used to get to work at 7am, come home by 5/6, take the nephew to the park + dinner, come home by 8/9, go back to work sometimes till 10/11, and start all over the next day. I was both mentally and physically tired. When they left after a month or so, I decided not to work when I have my own kids. I don’t think I can take the stress I was in. When they left, I slept for almost 16 hours straight that weekend :s

  7. Totally agreed Leena, i am not married but tell you i have a very tough time at both work and family fronts. My job is kinda messy job. have to stay alert all the time. My mom has some joint problem (may Allah bless her with health and long life). She cannot do much of the domestic work and my maid….ahhhh….she is expert in making us mad. sick, causal and annual leaves remain alive in her account. I have to do almost all of the household work. Sometimes have to do office work late at night. When I am at work, I feel guilty of leaving this and that work at home. And when i am at home, I feel pressure of my dreadful deadlines. God!! and then people say ‘job kar k aish kar rahi hai’ hn

    @ H

    you broke my record of sleeping 15 hrs at one shot :O haw

  8. @ Haris
    exactly…but iguess the expectations have changed a lot. women want to be independent and having a stable career seems to be a great way towards that. But well, i dont know if thats really emancipation

    @ minerva

    @ jingoist
    i am on leave…enjoying doing nothing πŸ˜€

    @ H
    i really wonder at times how i would manage stuff..especially cuz i dont even baby sit other ppl’s kids!

    @ Sophi
    I have been through something like for a while too..i know life just gets soo tuff wen u have to do everything at home and deal with work politics too. good luck girl! πŸ™‚

    @ farooq
    i doubt we can ever break ur record πŸ˜›

    @ UTP
    I salute all such women too!

  9. Working and tending to the home isnt easy ! You are usually tired and just want to crawl into bed – its very important to have a helping hand, makes all the difference πŸ™‚

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