How over rated ;)

So Mariyas, I know you tagged me ages ago, I am sorry for being soo lazy but here’s my list of 7 over rated things finally 🙂

  1. Love: I think we just care for certain people and want them to care for us in return. Yet it is interesting that love has been able to inspire poets/writers all along.
  2. Getting Married/Being in a committed relationship: Why does everyone wants everyone else to be married? I have failed to understand that. Isnt it something very very personal. But people would ever really understand? I dont think so. I just dont think that single people are losers. Its not a disease to be single, just a choice. You can be alone and yet not be lonely. On the other hand, you might be married and yet be as lonely as anyone can ever be.
  3. Angelina-Brad jodi/SRK/Atif Aslam: Oh can we talk about something else? There are ppl dying in suicide blasts and we are talking about a few ppl’s personal lives!
  4. Talk shows/Reality shows: Why are we all hooked to watching Hamid Mir making everyone ‘fight’ over issues that do not seem to have a solution? And dont we all secretly want to be superstars or else why cant we miss watching ‘So you think you can dance’ or ‘American Idol’?
  5. Gora rang: Get over it, please! We have the best complexion in the world, cherish it!! And please, if gora rang was the reason ppl got married, there wouldnt be a single person married in a lot of countries.
  6. 2012: Do I even need to comment here?
  7. Facebook/Twitter: People spend more time on these than in real life. I still dont understand why ppl have to update their fb status and all even after coming out of the loo 😛

9 thoughts on “How over rated ;)

  1. Totally agree with you on number 2. 😡 No one could really understand this. Ever. *sigh*

    And oh Gora Rang? Hahahahahhahaa! That was a good one. 😀

  2. To say love doesn’t exist, to me it sounds like that neurotic sociologist saying, “Society doesn’t exist. Even if does, it shouldn’t!”, or like that. Selfish genes is not our idea. ‘As the core religious emotion has to be love.’

  3. Love: Meh, I don’t believe in it either 😉 same for marriage and all that other crap 😛

    As for gora rang… we’re brown. Never satisfied with anything. Goray die for our complexion, we die for theirs. No-body is ever happy. 😡

    2012: another piece of over-rated bullcrap.

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