Around Tokyo 2

I dont even know if saying ‘sorry’ would suffice. By looking at my blog stats, I know many of you come back every now and then to check whether I have updated the blog or not. I cant do mch cept to say that I will upate the blog more frequently, but  cant promise.

Anyway, this post was long due, I should have done it at least a week back but its finally here! 🙂

Tokyo Disney Land

Oh I wish I was able to visit a place like this 12-15 years back. I am definitely not saying I didnt enjoy my trip, but obviously it would have been great wen I was growing up with all the Disney characters. It would have been simply amazing if I could, back then, see all my favorite Disney characters leaping out of the television. Anyway, here are a few videos which we made during our stay there.

Palaces and Shrines

Street Performance

I dont think need to say much about this cept that it was completely beautiful.

Note: Btw, I have updated my previous post with a few pictures.


9 thoughts on “Around Tokyo 2

  1. I never knew there was a Disneyland in Tokyo 😮

    Looks cool … what about the people? How are they like? And did u try the famous Japanese sushi? 😀

  2. @ nadia
    thank you! 🙂

    @ anas
    oh the people are usually very friendly and helpful. language is the main issue because they mostly do not speak English. Food can be another issue as finding halal food is one of the most difficult tasks, there arent too many muslims in japan so u cant blame them. Obviously, u could go by the fatwa that everything other than pork is halal an eat anywhere u like…u obviously have lots and lots options then. otherwise u can simply opt for all the amazing sea food available. but there is one huge problem, u might end up finding pork even in vegetable salads so u have to be really really careful. and no, i didnt try sushi altho pasha just loves it…so he would go for sushi at lunch but he has made me start liking beef 🙂

  3. Can’t see the video at office, gaaaah!

    Love the pictures 🙂

    You know I still have that bee-bop-bee-bop Korean song you once posted on repeat on my iPod 😀

    P.S. One of the most important pictures is missing… where are you? 😉

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