Blah de Blah

A completely useless post as the name suggests 😛

So, if you have noticed, I have changed the theme of the blog, I was kinda bored with the greenish springish theme…this one’s completely the opposite and I kinda like it. Simple, a bit too plain, literally on the verge of boredom 😛

You might also notice a new page named Blissful Marriage which lists the whole series for easy access. I dont know if I have missed out on a particular topic, if I have, please leave a message there so that I can do a post on that wenever I can.

Other than that, I was hoping to make some money from the blog. Any bright ideas? I mean I know of adsense, but does it let you make enough money? People, I need ideas to make this blog more useful for myself than just venting out and/or using it as an extended version of twitter.