Blah de Blah

A completely useless post as the name suggests πŸ˜›

So, if you have noticed, I have changed the theme of the blog, I was kinda bored with the greenish springish theme…this one’s completely the opposite and I kinda like it. Simple, a bit too plain, literally on the verge of boredom πŸ˜›

You might also notice a new page named Blissful Marriage which lists the whole series for easy access. I dont know if I have missed out on a particular topic, if I have, please leave a message there so that I can do a post on that wenever I can.

Other than that, I was hoping to make some money from the blog. Any bright ideas? I mean I know of adsense, but does it let you make enough money? People, I need ideas to make this blog more useful for myself than just venting out and/or using it as an extended version of twitter.


21 thoughts on “Blah de Blah

  1. Haha! Safi is right.

    AdSense and other ad-serving applications require a HUGE amount of traffic for earning even a modest sum of money, so unless you are having millions of page views per month, they are useless. Also, does not allow ads on free blogs anyway. (You can, however, run ads on a WordPress blog that you are self-hosting, but again, without a significant amount of traffic, it won’t do you much good.)

    So, yeah, making money online through blogs is not really as simple as they make it seem. You have to have some killer content first (like Shit My Dad Says, for instance), which will then bring you traffic, and then you can start thinking about making money from it.

    • @ Safi
      dude i am trying for that but i was hoping that i could perhaps use the blog somehow too :S

      @ Saadat
      oh well yea, thats why i was asking for advice. if i have to host my own blog rather than using the free service, i would really want to know whether it would be worth it or not cuz i am pretty happy with and i dont feel the need to shift to self hosting otherwise.
      And dude, its so nice to see you here after sooo long!

      • Hey learn Mandarin if you have spare time! I want to but the piece of shit “teacher” of mine got admitted to TUM. NOw I ll do that “on the job” so to speak. A lot of chinese at that place.

  2. Making money from blog or rather making a fortune if that’s what you mean, requires an arrant dedication both of time and surfing the internet. If you want to make money from blog, make another blog and choose a keyword(s) like philosophy, World War 2 or whatever you like and start writing about it in an SEO manner. Infest the blog with articles containing an adequate amount of keywords (2-4% in an article/post). Eventually your blog will receive more hits thus escalating the probability of organic clicks on advertisements.

    • well i guess that seems like a full time job in itself and from the look of it, it doesnt guarantee anything and even if it does start paying off, it wont be any time soon :/

  3. apart from the traffic, it requires time as well
    some of my seniors r earning through their blogs, n they advice to start tech related blog with some appealing themes to get catch ppl’s attention..

  4. *yawn*

    a yellow notepad /legal pad theme? hated it on the first look πŸ˜› but its quite neat and clean when i scrolled for a while

    and yeah..safi’s right (jst cuz every1 was saying that)

  5. Hey πŸ™‚

    Why don’t you sign up with Elance (or Guru?), and work freelance? There are a LOAD of things out there and if you have the right skills (and btw, even if you don’t, there are tonnes of tutorials and online videos out there, so you can learn), then well, I have seen people who have stayed a year and persisted, and earned something like 42k dollars πŸ˜›

    SO why don’t you go for it? πŸ™‚

    Best of luck!

  6. hhaha changing themes can be soooo fun at times, but searching and testing to get just THAT perfect theme isnt easy right ?? πŸ˜‰

  7. @ Uni
    thanks for the suggestions…and they really seem to be something which i can actually put to some use! πŸ™‚

    @ Sana
    i think i’l never find the perfect theme so i just go with my mood πŸ˜‰

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