Happy Independence Day?

32 killed in Karachi over MP’s murder. 2.5 million affected by floods. President chilling in the UK. And begging. Mostly chilling though.

Whether I like her not, Fatima Bhutto’s tweet summed up the whole situation in a manner that can only be called complete.

Pakistan is going through a really tough time and the President’s visit could not be more untimely than this. During this one past week, there has been a plane crash killing 152 innocent civilians, the country is drowning in a flood which is most probably the worst in 80 years, an MPA has been murdered brutally in a masjid and the violence that followed has already taken lives of nearly 50 people already. And its not only about people who have died, what about the people who are still alive? There has been a financial fall out of all these events. The flood has hugely affected agricultural lands in both Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, 2.5 million people have been displaced and immediately need food and shelter, vehicles worth millions of rupees were torched yesterday in Karachi and businessmen have lost billions in the strike today.

And our politicians are happy justifying their fake degrees while our President is partying in London in his suite at Hyatt Regency where he has booked 18 rooms on the same floor where half of the rooms will remain unoccupied during his visit. I wish the President had listened to other politicians for a change!

Just 10 days later Pakistan will be celebrating its 63rd independence anniversary, but is there something to celebrate?


5 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day?

  1. Yes! there is something to celebrate. We will celebrate the day Pakistan was born. We will celebrate not being butchered by merciless extremist Hindus. We will recognize the sacrifices of the people during the separation. And we will celebrate by helping people who lost everything in the flood and whose family members are killed, and we will pray and hope for the better future of Pakistan. Allah has given us a great country, because of few people we must not deny ourselves being thankful for such a great gift.

  2. They’re selfish. Of course, why would they even bother caring about anyone else? Hungry for power, money, attention..I’m surprised that they arent aware of what they will have to face and be answerable to later on.

    My Allah keep this country safe. I live abroad, and honestly, being in such a position all I can do is pray. And help in other indirect but not so impactful ways. Reacting like this, Zardari is making the efforts of MA Jinnah go all in vain.

  3. @ Imran
    well i guess i know wat u mean…i am usually quite optimistic but there’s hardly any good news coming from Pakistan. Things just dont seem to be working at all.

    @ Anas
    lol i am praying for dictatorship. i hope kayani takes over

    @ qa
    Even those who live in Pakistan cant do much except for praying. But it is said that very deed (good or bad) is contiguous. Perhaps we can just strive to improve ourselves while staying true to our roots. That might give a good name to Pakistan.

    @ AD
    i know!

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