Of shoes and men with balls

Amidst all the heart wrenching news that has been coming from Pakistan for the past two weeks now, I cant believe things have started to sound so funny all of a sudden.

Just a day ago a pair of shoes were hurled at President Zardari in Birmingham and no matter how much Kaira is denying the incident, there must be some truth in it as it has been covered by international media. Not that I believe everything that the international media says but if the news was wrong in fact, I am still unable to comprehend why was the transmission of most news channels banned in Pakistan? And from what I have read, I understand Jang distributors were threatened too and thus the distribution got delayed by several hours. Whether it really happened or not, it did bring smiles to faces of thousands of Pakistanis all over the world who were tingled just by the thought of it. Add to it some of the funniest tweets and there you have it: a comical whirlwind which was more of a relief for the distressed people.

But there was some even better stuff coming up. In the last test between Pakistan and England, Umar Gul emerged as the highest scoring Pakistani batsman. It was actually a bit embarrassing to see how the rest of the team just toppled. The 2nd test was proving to be no different till later during the day, Zulqarnain Haider and Mohammed Amir came on the crease. Magic happened from then onwards. It made me proud to see (while following score on cricinfo.com) how these new young players were fighting back for perhaps not a victory but for an honorable defeat. And then came Ajmal. His maiden 50 alongwith Haider’s 88 gave Pakistan some hope. We have a match on our hands now, baby!!!

We should now only have 10 bowlers in the team alongwith a wicketkeeper who can bat. That actually seems like the only combination that’s working for a change!


14 thoughts on “Of shoes and men with balls

  1. The blessed shoe that was hurled towards the D***y must be quoted higher than one that was hurled towards Bush.

  2. lol, England is playing much better than any team at the moment I guess. I don’t doubt ability of our current team, it’s just that they are very inexperienced and most of them have never played on such pitches before (at least on international level).

    It will just take some time to get things settle. AND we need a proper batting coach (Ijaz Ahmad as coach? :S:S)

  3. @ Anas
    lol yea…wat to do, we dont have any sports channel that covers cricket so cricinfo is the only option left.
    well that just goes to show how confident zulqarnain is, it is after all his first match…aint it?

    @ Tauqeer
    either england is playing too well or pakistan’s playing really bad. As for inexperience, its actually the newer players who are playing better than the experienced ones. I mean Imran Farhat has been given soo many chances and he still makes the same mistakes.

    • It depends how you rate someone as ‘experienced’. English pitches are different! and sadly Pakistan is not playing enough international cricket for players to groom. I am not big fan of Imran Farhat either, neither of Salman Butt!.

      So in my view, they need, a strong captain to start with, and lots of matches (including at least three test series every year), world cup is still few years away, so they can with ANY team they want, it could be Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, West Indies or any weaker team to give international exposure and experience to young side.

  4. wel thats something i would definitely agree with. we have a team which is most suitable for Twenty20 and the consistency and expertise required for Test is just not there. there’s not a single Test playing nation that is willing to tour Pakistan and that is hurting the game terribly. They are just not getting enuf practice. And I believe that winning is a habit that unfortunately our team does not have…at least not any more.

  5. he has no match practice for some time, i am not expecting him to do wonders in the very first match. i hope younis comes back too…and can these ppl get rid of imran farhat and salman butt!! afridi would have been better

  6. I was bit put off to see geo n ary shifting their coverage from floods to the joota-hiting tale … since two days it seems Pakistan is suffering from the closure of these two channels rather the flood atrocities, which was pretty saddening

  7. @ asma
    i guess the government over reacted a bit by banning the news channels. bush was pelted with shoes too, its video was aired on all news channels and not a single news channel was banned. it happened at 2 in the morning PST and by the time people would have woken up, floods must have become the main headline once again. Over reacting to a news item made it too huge and took away attention from something that required all the attention.

    @ Sumera
    we have brought this embarrassment upon us ourselves; he’s an elected president after all. sadly we have no one else to blame.

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