Inertia, Cricket and Kareena Kapoor!

Over the past few months, although I have not published a single post on the blog, it does not mean I did not want to vent out about anything or that I didnt compose blog posts in my mind. I wanted to talk about various things from how the flood victims have been forgotten to how my heart bleeds knowing that we would have been one of the hosts of the Crcket World Cup starting a few weeks back, from new year resolutions to the usually weird topics that I like to blog. I still get amazed when I see Mah’s blog and how she still manages to update it ever so regularly. But I guess even though I do want to blog, I just dont seem to bring myself down to it. I wouldnt call it the writer’s block cuz I am not a writer…just lack of interest would suffice I guess.

So, if you have been following the cricket worldcup keenly like I am, I am sure you know that ICC has decided to have only the top 10 teams for the next world cup to avoid making the groups round painfully long. Now wtf is that supposed to mean? I cant believe this! True, the group round is kinda dragging now and although we all know who the top 8 teams would be qualifying for the quarter finals but hey, after seeing the dazzling performance by the Irish (and well the Candaians nearly took the game away from Pakistan too), you really think these smaller teams dont deserve a chance? C’mon, Sri Lanka played two world cups without being part of the ‘elite’ test playing club but they ended up being the world champions in 1996 and nearly made it in 2007! 

Personally, I loved the format of the 2007 worldcup: 16 teams, 4 groups with two teams qualifying for the super eight from each group. The smaller teams got a chance to play in the World Cup and showcase their talent and the group round was not boringly long. But I guess the smaller teams just showcased their talnt in a manner no body even thought of: Pakistan and India got knocked out by smaller teams, which meant the two most cricket crazy nations were not following the world cup at all after the first round, which in fact meant lesser money! So, it basically meant ICC had to bend the rules to ensure that the two most widely watched, followed and loved teams (with the most fanatic fans) at least reached the quarter finals. How bizarre! Each team got three chances to prove themselves…now wat can anyone do if India and Pakistan were not able to prove themselves good enough to be in the super eight! Anyone who watched the match between New Zealand and Pakistan two days back would know wat I mean here! 😛

Oh Lord, help cricket! IPL has already taken away the commercial charisma from the 50 over matches…i would be really sad if the ICC does something horrible to the worldcup which is pretty much the only tournament that I now follow!

I guess I can go on and on, whining about this. I better change the topic now.

And yes, finally watched Golmaal 3 and well, wat can i say about it. Its funny to say the least, it has some vulgar jokes but it sure aint as vulgar as usually the movies are these days. You can watch it with pretty much anyone in your family and thats the good thing about it. And man, kareena kapoor aint size zero in the movie….so all the girls who stopped eating after watching Tashan….please start eating again before you become anorexic…Kareena seems to be a healthy UK size 12 and she seems to be glowing even with the minimal make up she has used in the movie.

PS: I just found out it was supposedly women’s day a few days back. So I guess, i’d just say ‘Happy Women’s Day’ altho I dont know wat difference this day makes in any woman’s life! And did I tell you guys that the news of a 23 year old becoming the world’s youngest grandma is making me feel….well, really old 😛


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