While Navjot Sidhu Goes Out To Buy a New Turban Everyday

The only two things that I seem to be doing lately are following the worldcup and well, the scary earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in japan. although the former’s been providing some good entertainement, england being the team keeping the group matches alive, the latter is scary and depressing to say the least.

I remember, as a little kid, thinking of Japan as the country that made Sony televisions: the TV that I just hated….it was so good that we didnt get a new one for the longest time! It still is the country that believes in perfection and is definitely the most well-prepared when it comes to dealing with earthquakes but the magnitude of devastation this particular earthquake has brought has shocked the whole world. I am sure you have been watching videos of the quake/tsunami on TV and the Internet but the following is the scariest that I have seen so far. I have never even seen something like this in Hollywood flicks!

True, the wrath of nature cannot be compared to anything else…no one, not even the best stand a chance when competing with nature. May Allah help those who are actually going through this all. I cannot even imagine how they must be feeling right now. My heart goes out to the Japanese. They are a strong nation. If they can rebuild after the WWII, I am sure they’l be able to do an even better job this time. I know there aint much that we can do, but we can surely kneel in front of the Almighty to ask for fast recovery of Japan.


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