Ae dil mere chal re

Pakistan has already won more matches in this worldcup than the last two world cups combined, if that wasnt enough, Pakistan has actually beaten Australia to be at the top of the group which featured both Sri Lanka and Australia, has qualifid for the quarter final and will be up against West Indies. Now west Indies is the team which definitely came out to be the better of the two wen the two teams met in the last world cup, but if Pakistan wins, it will be through to the semis, again first time after the ’99 world cup but this time it will be up against Australia or India…God, thats already too much to handle for weak hearted like me! Although its just the matter of holding the nerves for three more matches but is Team Pakistan really mentally strong enough? Obviously, I wouldnt have been thinking like this if I was an Australian but I am really proud of the fact that even though Team Pakistan had been through all sorts of problems from wicket keepers absconding to the best seamers in the world being banned for match fixing, it was actually able to bring all the odds together.

So for nowย I have my fingers crossed and enjoying moments like this:

Afridi....still going Boom Boom...but this time round with the ball

And yea, I am still lovin it, although realistically speaking, I dont think Pakistan is winning the World Cup…butย a little wishful thinking doesnt hurtย ๐Ÿ™‚


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