Afridi is still a Hero

Source: Churaofication from a contact on facebook

Well, now that I am completely over wednesday’s loss, I have started to see things more clearly 🙂 I said that before as well, even wen I was really mad at the team, I cant help it but just love the perfect ‘X’ that Afridi makes with his body but there’s definitely more to it than just the X-factor. He represents Pakistan in the best possible manner: he’s aggressive, emotional, passionate, vocal and very unpredictable. He has great leadership qualities and I seriously think he should be retianed as the captain of Pakistan one-day side till the next world cup . Once Younis and Misbah are kicked out from the team, he can easily bring the young, inexperienced team do a great job under his captaincy. He can bring stability to the young side which unfortunately has to wait till 5 days before a series starts to even know who the captain is. I hope, Afridi, alongwith Waqar Younis would be retained and would be allowed to do their job till the next world cup…something which seems very very unlikely in Pakistan. But I wish, really wish, that for once the PCB would do something in the name of stability.


12 thoughts on “Afridi is still a Hero

  1. Because he is never able to do anything in important matches, his 50 in the semi final came at a time wen it was not needed, he wasnt even taking singles wen umar akmal was on the other side and there were some wkts in hand along with enuf balls to play around with….he should only be in the Test side

  2. He never asked anyone to get out by playing recklessly! He was there all till end and nobody supported him…he showed that runs could be made later on, only if he had a reliable partner to help him… 😛

  3. Now that’s the fault of Younis khan! he should have stayed for a while, anyhow as far as I am concerned, I am happy they made it this far after a very long time. Hoping for better next time 🙂

  4. younis should have stayed on the crease!! precisely!! thats wat he was selected in the team for…to stay on the crease and try to build a partnership with misbah in the middle of the innings!

  5. I guess you guys have already discussed Misbah and Younis enough, so no comments about them both… But I agree, I think Afridi at least tries. He puts in his effort, and thats what matters…

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