I find it really interesting when I read some of the questions by Muslims all around the world like, “Is nail polish allowed?” or “Can I wear heels?” or “Can I get my eye brows done?” and the best of all, “Can the color of my hijab/jilbab/abaya be other than black?”

Oh well, arent we making our lives too difficult? Is Islam really supposed to be so confusing and difficult to practice?

I wouldnt say that questions like these do not bother me. After all I am a hijabi woman and I end up questioning my modesty pretty much every day. Islam teaches us one basic rule of thumb when it comes to questions like these: Muslim women are supposed to adorn themselves only for their husbands and for no one else. In addition to that, women should always look like women and not men. Ah, this makes life so much easier. On the contrary, it doesnt. We all know that being decked up with make up and jewelry is hardly practical while making chapatis. You see it gets really hot in the kitchen and it after all aint very comfortable to be wearing well fitted clothes when you can instead be lazing around in ur old PJs once you are done with your household chores. So, I am one of those lucky women who actually dont get dressed up for their husbands and get away with it by saying, “its too hot.” Now u cant blame me because it actually is always really hot and humid in singapore…so hot that most people prefer to remain half naked! So now that I dont adorn myself for my husband, what do I do wen I go out? Simple, not wear heels which make too much noise or wear so much perfume so as not to attract gazes from the opposite gender. I do not wear gothic make up and nor do I wear flourescent colored hijabs. And yes, I do get my eye brows done…remember, I am supposed to look like a woman, not a man! I remain simple but simplicity does not mean I have to look hideous. A little make up wont make me the most gorgeous woman in singapore, neither would a delicate bracelet make men think of me as sex goddess!

PS: I am not a scholar and am not trying to be one either. The above is simply my opinion which I have made over the years by reading various texts. My opinion might be wrong and might even change over time. If you intend to follow any of what I have written, please do not blame me on the Day of Qayamah 😀


5 thoughts on “Confused?

  1. I agree with everything 🙂 except the eyebrows, because of the Sahih Bukhari hadith related to it not being allowed.

  2. ‘it actually is always really hot and humid in singapore…so hot that most people prefer to remain half naked!’

    So it would start to snow if one takes off everything? I tell you what… someone really has played a good one on Singaporeans(?). And I bet it was a male.

    Regarding your post… I am all for what you do as your personal choice. You have all the right to do as you please. But one thing is interesting… its the reason for a certain act, it always (perhaps) is based upon someone else’s opinion – either religion or ‘what might men think of me’. There is nothing in which you would do based on what you want. Mind you, I am not talking about a broader spectrum of society in which we are guided by what should we do by laws and social mores. I am not talking about stopping on a red light – one should. I am talking about ‘why not wear a perfume’ for yourself rather than thinking about what males would think about you. How about religion and men taking a hike at that point? I once read a comment on my blog in which the commenter said that he/she did not eat ice cream because it might not be halal. I mean why? why not just eat ice cream 🙂 its not pork after all. One is just wearing a perfume… not doing anything else.

    Take care.

  3. @ Uni and Shermeen
    Well now that is serious if there is a Sahih Bukhari hadeeth about eyebrows….i truly didnt know that. but i have really thick eyebrows and altho they look good wen shaped but otherwise i look manly 😛 now thats gonna be a tough choice!

    @ Postman
    well i can surely agree with the lack of relationship between not wearing full clothes and snow but it surely gives men a lot to look forward to wen they step out of the house 😛
    and although i do agree with doing stuff for oneself but hey i loved wearing my hair in all the possible styles that i could but as i started wearing the hijab, that was the start of how it governed the way i dressed. so its always going to be this way as far as the way i dress goes. but i can assure u one thing…i dont think i can ever give up ice creams or even think its halal or not 😉

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