Oh dear! 

This is scary…lol. Now thinking back to the time when I used to make a post literally every day, I cant believe that I am actually nervous writing this post!

Anyway, things are good with me Alhamdulillah. I know I have been away for really really long and I should be giving an update. 

Well, many of my regular readers (or who used to be my regular readers) and the ones who are on my fb list already know that I have a little boss now….she has just turned 11 months (ta-da!) which means she is getting a lil more active everyday Masha Allah and is more than enough to keep me on my toes all day long. Apart from being my boss, she is a great teacher: she is teaching me to be patient and polite and kind and well, the list is way too long.

Other than that, well, just the usual! I am hoping to post every now and then from now onwards. Wish me luck 🙂


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