As soon as K turned 14 months, I let her join a playgroup that is conducted in our condominium’s playroom twice a week . K happens to be the youngest right now in the group while the oldest is 2 years and 4 months. I just love the kind of stuff they do: sing nursery rhymes, read books and also have an arts and crafts session. Although these children are too small to actually create themselves, with help from their teacher and their guardian attending the playgroup session with them, they create some lovely stuff. In the past one month, K has created 4 beautiful pieces of art Masha Allah that I am so proud of.

K’s artwork: Mr Sun, The Name Tree, Butterfly and Mr Cloud

Now, I was saving all these little pieces of art in an ‘art bag’ but I realized that in the months to come, she will be creating many more small projects like this and I need to somehow preserve them.

So I have decided to convert these small projects into one bigger project: The ABC Book.

And we already have 4 pictures to go into our book: B (Butterfly), C (Cloud), S (Sun) and T (Tree).

I have decided to do the following:

  1. Get a file folder big enough to accommodate these pictures if 1 of them is pasted on one page.
  2. Get different colored construction paper, enough to make 26 pages (for the letters) and the pictures to go with each letter
  3. Get construction paper to write letters.
  4. I already have color markers, scissors and glue
  5. Get stickers to decorate and have fun!

I can also do separate posts on how to create each of the above art pieces. Let me know if you want me to do so. Else, I will just post when I will have these 4 letters in my ABC book insha Allah.

I am already excited!



The Book Project: First ABC Book (1)

4 thoughts on “The Book Project: First ABC Book (1)

    • Oh that is great masha Allah.
      To put it simply:
      1. Sun: created by hand print. Put a lil paint on the kid’s hand and help her make the print on the page. make the prints in such a way that they finally become a (kind of) circle (palm) with rays (fingers) all around. cut it out and u can then leave it to dry. Put on eyes (u can paint the eyes or even put buttons for eyes) and a smiling mouth to finish it off.
      2. The butterfly is simply a cut out of a piece of paper. Cut out small circles of a different color to make the design of the butterfly wings. The body is simply a left over ice cream stick stuck in between.
      3. Tree: Cut out the trunk of a brown piece of paper and the tree leaves from a green piece of paper. For the name, well just small pieces of paper with the child’s name letters on each one of them. K really enjoyed this one cuz she could use the glue on so many pieces to put together. She loves the glue for some reason 😛
      4. Cloud: Cut out a piece of light blue paper in the shape of a cloud. Let the child put on glue on it and then stick cotton on it. K enjoyed this part too. She wasted a lot of cotton but it was fun. Let it dry. Then give the cloud eyes and a smily mouth.
      Just make sure u do all the cutting wen the kid is either asleep or busy doing something else. The scissors can be very dangerous for children under the age of 3. You can let your niece use glue to stick things on the page but u need to be there all along and help putting everything together. Otherwise it will just be an abstract piece of art. Dont worry about the mess, it can be cleaned, the clothes can be washed and the child can take a shower if there is just too much glue on the child but the skills learned through these activities are all worth the effort.

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