B for baby, B for breast…and B for bully!

if you have read my last post on breastfeeding, you already know I am a big fan of breastfeeding and it actually is one of the things that I am proud of having done and still doing as a mom. some of u may even know that I now have two girls, K and the nearly 4 month old D.

so anyway, when I got pregnant last year wid D, I was still breastfeeding K and as soon as I found out I am pregnant I started trying to wean off kinza from my breast as everyone including my gynecologist advised me to do so. I tried several times, trust me, but I failed every time. perhaps because my approach was wrong but in the end I had a unique experience of breastfeeding through out my pregnancy. ok, not so unique because I know there are thousands of other women who have done so successfully but I definitely am the only one among all the women I knlow of personally.

with this, I realized quite a lot of things abt breastfeeding and thght I shud share them wid u if u already have a nursing baby/toddler and u are planning to have a second baby:

  1. Nursing a baby/toddler is possible during pregnancy. It will not harm u or the unborn unless you have a complicated pregnancy. DO NOT let others decide wat is right for you or for your baby. You are an adult who has decided to have a baby and are responsible for your children. just do wat suits you and your family, not wat is acceptable in the society. If you wish to nurse your child while pregnant, do so…you can tell the world to f*** off. 
  2. Breastfeeding through the pregnancy would mean your supply of milk will drop dramatically and you will need to supplement your baby’s milk intake with formula/fresh milk; preferably the full amount required for the age so that you are sure your child is getting all the nutrients. Plus, as you will still be producing milk, you need to eat a little extra so as to ensure your unborn gets all the nutrients too. Again, the key is to eat healthy and avoid junk as much as possible .
  3. Breastfeeding might feel like a chore during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester wen you will be quite big yourself and finding the right position will be a difficult task but trust me, there will be times wen you will thank God for it as nursing your child will pretty much the only time during the day wen your child will let you put your feet up and relax.
  4. This will pretty much be the last few months that you will be spending alone with your elder one so make the most of it and wat can be better than letting your child nurse! You will miss it once it ends.
  5. ‘Dry feeding’ or nursing in the last few weeks can actually help you have a better flow of milk wen the new one comes.

But with all these advantages, comes the disadvantage that your elder one will be closer to you than ever before and this will make your elder one jealous of the younger one more especially wen he/she sees you nursing the new arrival. For me, it actually meant nursing K all over again after the birth of D. Not that I am complaining, but at times it becomes too much to handle. Plus, the older the child gets, the more difficult it gets to wean off from breast as it becomes a habit and with better memory, its not very easy to distract. So, if you wish to nurse your child through the pregnancy, you will have to be prepared for a lot of things that may actually not be very easy to handle. If you have decided to do so, good luck!


3 thoughts on “B for baby, B for breast…and B for bully!

  1. Thats great Masha Allah .. tandem nursing is something us Desis are very afraid of. I was talking to my sis the other day about it, when she had her first child .. he was the first child and ami wasn’t here any more to guide. In the first few days as milk is very less … every single doctor and person who’d come to see started saying to supplement with statements like oh hes still hungry, milk is not enough, etc etc and obviously we knew nothing about it so ultimately he started taking formula, her supply went less and less and she could not fed after few weeks tops. She even had to listen to things like we fed all our children for so and so periods …. now that I think of it I feel really sad and angry at people. If someone has exclusively breastfed their children even for few months they should know the ups and downs and its a social responsibility to be of help for others instead of discouraging from breastfeeding altogether.

    Its a beautiful thing and its nature’s way to give you some relief as well as providing your child with the best 🙂

    How’s your time with the new one going? Mine is great Alhamdolillah .. first few weeks were huge but thanks to my experience I did manage to avert mastitis this time :>

    • Arent we just simply scared of breastfeeding? so many times I have heard from well meaning relatives tht the milk is not nutritious enough or tht its bad for the mommy’s health and so on so forth. Sadly, even most doctors are also not. Supportive of it in pakistan. Tandem nursing is a completely new concept there I guess. People think I m a freak :p
      Things are much under control now. With D, I have already introduced bottle (pumped milk) so tht weaning will not b very difficult. It kind of makes me sad tht I m treating D differently but at the same ti e I know it will not make her solely dependent on me and it also gives me time to spend with K alon.
      It was very diffi cult initially. K was very jealous but now after 4 months, its so touching to see K running to hushthe baby as soon she hears D crying. Obviously sleep is still a luxury but I m hopeful I will b able to catc hup with it in a few years 😉
      so how is ur lil one? how r u coping with it?

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