Free indoor playgrounds

These days i am very much interested in finding indoor activities for K and D. Singapore is very hot for most of the year and it rains a lot too so its important to find indoor activities. Also, its very expensive so these days i am trying to find ‘free’ fun activities.

This week we went to two indoor playgrounds on orchard road (which is where our serviced apartment is): Paragon and 313.

Paragon: The playground is mainly targdted towards tots and is located inside the building on level 5. This means the children can enjoy playing for as long as they want without sweating much due to air con. There is a slide and some other fun activities free of cost. There are also some paid rides that kids can enjoy. My girls absolutely loved it. Also, if you are really tired, you can sit on  a bench while watching ur kids play.

313: This playground is partially indoors as it is located on the sky terrace on level 5. There is a roof on it so im sure it saves the children from rain and direct sunlight but it tends to get very hot. There are not too many activities here but it is a good option for those parents who might be planning to dine at the Food Republic.


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