Making it home…again

So we have moved from the service apartment to a place that we have rented. Alhamdulilah.
This time settling in singapore not easier than it was the first time round. The challenges are different this time but very much there and not small in proportion. Looking for a suitable place to live was definitely one of them. We had several things to consider as we do not intend to move at least for the next 4 years.
First and foremost, we needed a place which could be as similar to where we lived in manila as we believe that it would help the children adjust faster. That was actually more difficult than one would think. Singapore has everything but space. Its a small country after all. Most of the condominiums here do not have too many activities in the common communal area. Most children are anyway to busy with their after school activities and hardly have time to engage in activities with neighbours. Quite unlike where we lived in manila. There we had 3 swimming pools, one outdoor playground and 3 indoor playrooms plus 1 koi fish pond. It meant lots of activities for children, esp children in the age group of 1 till 5 years of age.
Secondly it had to be in the center of the city. Why? As we decided against buying a car this time round, we wanted to have super markets nearby plus orchard road at walking distance could be a huge benifit. Obviously a bus stop as close as possible would be additionally helpful so that my husband would be able to commute easily to and from his office.
Thirdly, budget. Ofcourse.
Finally it had to be close to a primary school. In 2 years time K will be going to school and for a better chance of admission in a good school, we had to be within 1 km radius of a good school.
Alhamdulilah we have found a place that meets our criteria as close as is possible in a worldly manner.
Next step, K’s admission in preschool insha allah


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